Codie's Story

Cody.jpg Precious Pets Adoption League
rescued Codie in December 2006. As a precaution we always test surrendered dogs without any prior veterinary record. This time was no exception. We were shocked when we received the test results from the Veterinarian...Codie was infected with heartworms! The only way to help Codie was to start him on a 6 weeks long and expensive ($600) heartworm treatment. Codie was very scared of most people. He was not sure who he could trust in his new surroundings. When he recovered from the exhaustive treatment we kept him with us two more months to help build his trust in people. Gina, the Precious Pets Adoption President, was giving him daily 'kisses". When we decided that Codie is ready for adoption we made sure that his new owner will love him as much as we did. On April 17, 2007 Codie found his new loving owner and home forever.

PLEASE prevent heartworm in your dog by visiting veterinarian once a year!!! It is small price to pay for your dog's well being!

April 2008 Update:

Codie is doing great. He sometimes comes to PETCO to visit us! He is happy and remembers Gina! Here are few current photos of this wonderful dog.

Codie2.jpg Codie1.jpg

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