Duke's Story

Duke_puppy.jpg In Spring 2007, Duke (in the middle) and two of his litter mates were surrendered to Precious Pets Adoption League in hope of finding good homes for these cute Weimaraner mix puppies. We adopted them all to good families.

Duke's new family sent us email and recent photos. We love to hear how good our adopted animals are doing! Thank you for sharing Duke's and Maggie's success story with us!

January 2008 Update

Duke is a phenomenal dog! We adopted him from you last June, sort of impulsively, after seeing what a nice temperament he had. When we brought him home he was extremely calm, submissive, and obedient. Of course, he came out of his shell a few days later, and we saw the more active side of him! Though it was hard to keep up with his energy level sometimes, we never regretted the decision to get him. We enrolled him in beginner obedience classes at Petco where he impressed the trainer with his wit and intelligence. He is now continuing his education at another location. Duke is very smart, and he just loves his obedience classes. We are planning to take him all the way to agility training to give his active mind something to do.
Because of his high energy level, we were unable to give him enough attention. It seemed as though no matter how much we gave him, he always wanted more. We decided to look for another dog. We adopted Maggie (aka "Happy") from you at the Petco adoption event this past Sunday. She is an 8 week old Lab/Pit Bull mix. I have to admit I was nervous about the Pit Bull part since we have a young child in our home, but my fears were completely unfounded. Maggie is the sweetest, most loveable puppy you could ever meet ... and so smart, too! She already knows her name, how to sit, and how to go to the door when she needs to "do her business". She walks nicely on a leash already, too. Maggie and Duke love each other, and Duke is a much calmer, happier dog since gaining his new companion. Our family is grateful beyond words for the wonderful care these dogs obviously had before coming to our home, and for the opportunity to have them as part of our lives. We look forward to many happy years ahead with them. The people in your organization are doing a wonderful job of caring for all the animals, and bringing much love and joy to people and families everywhere. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Best Wishes,
The S... Family

P.S. Attached are some pictures of Duke and Maggie. We hope our story will encourage others to consider adoption as well.
Duke2.jpg Duke1.jpg

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