Elizabeth's Story

"Today was a good day !" wrote Melanie,Precious Pets Adoption League dedicated foster, when she received email from Joe.
Elizabeth came from Allen Park [shelter]. When I first got Elizabeth, Melanie writes, she was dirty, scared, and wouldn't even walk on a leash! After a bath, good food, and several trips to Partrige Creek Mall she started walking on the leash. The man who adopted her told me he wasn't really a dog person! He happened to be shopping with his daughters for his grand-dog Christmas present. His daughter was going to be moving back to Alaska and taking her dog with her. He was a little upset and tried to get her to leave her dog with him!!! They happened to see Elizabeth when I was walking her around the store, she ran right up to their family and sat down and waited to be petted. They spent some time with her but decided to go home and think about it. I recieved an e-mail at 1:00 am, they wanted her!!! I took her to their home the next day to give it a try with the granddog and it went perfect, like they were together all their lives. They wanted to give it a week trial-a few days later they had already decided, or as they say, she adopted them!

"Hi Melanie,
Elizabeth1.jpg Well, you will see pictures of Elizabeth relaxing with her big sister(Ricker), granny and our grandson Adam and also her first bath in the jacuzzi tub. I love her eyes show up as blue in the pictures. As for the big question, while she has not said much about it, I think Elizabeth has decided to adopt us. She enjoys being spoiled so I think she has been quiet about the topic to ensure the spoiling continues. She has been an absolute delightful addition to our family. Anyway, now there are five us sleeping in our bed. Sure glad it is king sized. Ricker is in Chicago for a few days so she is enjoying the down time. She currently has herself twisted below my office chair legs enjoying a nap. Take care and see you this Saturday.

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