Frieda's Story

Precious Pets Adoption League is always interested in rescuing small dogs because many people like to adopt them out. Frieda.jpg Frieda was rescued from animal control. But her rescue story is more unusual then our other rescues. When she came to our foster home we noticed that she is sick. To prevent spread of any disease to other dogs we had to rush her to a veterinary clinic. It was Labor Day weekend 2006 and our usual veterinarian was closed. We had to go to another clinic where we do not get higher discount. Our suspicions were correct, this little rat terrier was very sick and the disease was very contagious. She had to stay separated for many days in the veterinary clinic until the medication healed her enough to take her back home. Our volunteer foster dog lover, Aaron, put the $1,000 vet bill on his personal credit card because Precious Pets Adoption League was short of money.

Frieda was adopted shortly after she regained her health again.

If this story touched your heart please consider a donation to the Precious Pets Adoption League. This money will cover other animals rescue.

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