Jax (Cyrus's) Story

"This is why I keep doing this!" said Melanie Precious Pets Adoption League dedicated foster.

Jax-starvng-dogshares-withcat.jpg Cyrus was a puppy that was picked up by Allen Park [shelter], they said he was a stray. When they got him he was very sick and thin. They thought he was so sweet they kept him in the cat room. They begged us to take him because he was a great dog. I picked him up late on night, the poor guy was nothing but skin and bones. On the front seat of my car was a muffin wrapped in plastic, he started eating it right away. I was afraid he may be food agressive like most dogs that are starved so much to my surprise when I went to take the plastic away he stopped eating and waited! I brought him home and started feeding him a high calorie puppy food to help him gain weight. I kept him from the shows for two weeks just so he could gain some weight. He was such a sweet dog, my one year old fell in love with him, his first word was dada then dog! Jax-skinny-dog.jpg He would call Cyrus over when he was eating and share his food with him, Cyrus would never take it out of his hand even when he would shove food in his face! They became best friends-partners in crime! For some reason Cyrus took a long time to get adopted, he was with our family for almost two months. We all loved him so much! When Dave and his family came and adopted him it was hard to watch him go, my baby stood at the window and watched his buddy get into the car with another family. He put his hand on the window and said "dog dog dog". It was so sad we almost ran after him! We are happy that Dave and his family keep in touch so we still feel like he is part of the family...

Jax1.jpg "Hello Melanie,
Sorry It took me so long to email you but with the holiday weekend things have been busy. Jax has been a great addition to our family! Jax and the cat are even making progress already. They were just a few feet from one another earlier today. If you could please send me photos you have of Jax when you rescued him...
Thank you,

Update December 30, 2009

"Hey Melanie,
I thought I would send a couple updated photos of Jax for you. We gave him a bath the other night and he LOVED drying off in front of the fireplace. He was warm and toasty.

Jax2.jpg Jax3.jpg

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