Phoenix, Cheetah, and Max Story

Phoenix was found after midnight near a busy street.
He was about 5 weeks old, 1.5 lb of skin and bones, hungry, thirsty, dirty, sick but still meowing. He was in very bad shape.

We have doubts if he could survive alone "out there" for another day.
While recovering, Phoenix often relaxed in the sleep on my son's lap.
Slowly, with our TLC and veterinarian help, Phoenix recovered from his stressful "kittyhood" and started to grow into a beautiful cat.
As the days went by, Phoenix was spending more and more time with my husband, playing with him and stalking him.
When he started to climb on my husband's back (to supervise his work) we knew that it was time for a companion cat.
Here she is... miss kitty-cat...

Very polite, a bit scared, but happy to have attention.
We adopted Cheetah, at the age of 7 months, from a rescue group Precious Pets Adoption League in Sterling Heights.
"Let me see her..."

Phoenix was very carefully assessing the situation.
There was about week of hissing and excitement on the Phoenix part before he accepted the new household member.
Nap time...

We enjoy our cats very much. I decided to volunteer in the "Precious Pets Adoption League" to make a difference not only for all the needy animals but also for the people who need unconditional love that pets can give.
One day a couple came to the adoption show looking for a dog. Sadly, we didn't have any dogs that they would like. I suggested that maybe they consider adopting a cat instead. The gentlemen shook his head and said: "What is a cat good for? Can't play with it, can't take it for walk...". Well, I answered, I can prove you are wrong, my cat just walked 1 mile each way in the park.
Here is link to a movie snapshot that we took with our digital camera : Phoenix walking in the park
requires QuickTime to view, download from Apple QuickTime
Cats life was very predictable: sleeping, eating, playing, watching birds, sleeping, p__ing, eating, playing, ... until we decided that we need some excitement for both cats ...

How about a third cat?

Max was given up for adoption because of child's allergies. Parting with a loved animal is never easy. We saw this in the eyes of the giving up family.

Max came to our home for an overnight fostering. All of us liked him very much. The question was: if we adopt him will Phoenix and Cheetah accept him?
We decided to keep Max for 1 week to see if all cats can coexist. Max was sleeping is the laundry room. Under our supervision we were slowly introducing him to Phoenix and Cheetah. We thought that Phoenix, the male cat, will be the one unwilling to accept the new male cat, but we were wrong. Phoenix did very good through the introductions and initial play time. Cheetah on the other side was constantly growling and hissing, although she was also very curious. Every 'meeting' was more relaxing since Max is very playful kitty. We all watched them carefully and tried to correct 'improper' bahavior. After few days we knew that we will keep Max. In about a week Cheetah also became more relaxed and started to participate in the play time.
Phoenix and Max are becoming 'buddies'. Part of Max 'duties' is to wash Phoenix when he sleeps.
...what a wonderful life...