Magnum PI Story


Magnum PI and his littermates
(Batman, Night Rider, Cagney, and Lacey) have been rescued from a shelter when they were about 8 weeks old. They where checked by our Veterinarian and got first round of shots. Few hours later, in the evening, the kittens were all sick. Gina, the Precious Pets Adoption League president, was overwhelmed. She called Sheila and Liz for help. They rushed with supplies (kitten food, milk, and medicines) to Gina's home. The kittens were washed, medicated and fed one by one. A heating pad was installed in a small carrier, as we knew the kittens needed warmth during the winter night. The kittens cuddled togeter in the carrier. This night was critical to their survival ... In the morning the kittens were better, but they were still sick. After day or two, Sheila took the kittens to her home. She was nursing them to health, often spending long hours cleaning, medicating, and loving them. In few weeks they were ready for adoption. All kittens found loving families and good homes.

We are sharing with joy, pictures of Magnum PI and emails from Adrienne and Alan (the new "parents"). Thank you very much.


Update February-10-2008
"Hi Sheila!
Magnum is laying here right on my computer desk as I type this to you! He says hi and thank you for being such a wonderful foster mommy!! He is doing sooooooooooooo great!! He is just so wonderful! We love him so so so so so so soooooooooo much!! He sleeps with me at night now! I love it!! And he is just so precious!! I hope his sisters found a good home!! Oh...he did wonderful after his surgery! Thank you for letting us keep the appointment! We'll be sure to keep in touch....and I'll send more pictures!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

Adrienne, Alan, Teddy, Mischief, and Magnum!! :)"


Update April-06-2008
"Hi Sheila!
Everything is going great with us!! Magnum is getting soooo BIG!! He's such a fun, happy, and lovey kitty!! He is sleeping on a map I was trying to look at right next to me as I type this!! I know he knows we love him....and he loves us....and I know he knows this is his safe and happy home!! I do check to see if his pictures are up often....thank you so much for letting me know it will be soon! I only have a million more pictures of I will get you some. I should just mail them to you! That way you don't have to wait for your computer to load. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!! We just love Magnum to pieces...and I can't say it enough....thank you sooooo much!!

Adrienne :)

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