Mandy's Story

Please read this heart warming story. Here is how miracles happen.

Mandy.jpg December 2007: Mandy was found on a person's porch. The person that found her lives in a rural area where there are only a handful of neighbors that live anywhere nearby--he checked with his neighbors, but none of them were missing a cat. While Mandy was in fairly good condition when she was found, it appears that she was deliberately abandoned. Mandy is front declawed (note that declawed cats should never be allowed outdoors anyway, since they have no front nails to defend themselves). Precious Pets Adoption League was contacted to by the family member in hope of finding for Mandy new loving family and a warm home that she deserves.
A week later a lady decided to stop at PETCO. She had to meet someone shortly and had only few minutes to look at the cats on display. She said that she lost her husband about 18 months ago and now she is ready to find a companion pet. Mandy was curled up and we did not wanted to disturb her too much. But soonest the lady petted Mandy the kitty started to purr. The bonding was instantaneous, Mandy was adopted in next few minutes!
We thank very much the family who saved Mandy from the freezing weather and hunger. And we appreciate the generous donation to our organization in recognition of the important work that we do to save lives of homeless animals in distress.

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