Minnie Has Now New Future

Minnie1.jpg At the end of March 2008
Precious Pets Adoption League rescued Minnie from shelter. She was 'plump' and we thought we are rescuing a pregnant female. But it wasn't the case. Minnie was very sick. She had mammal tumors that needed to be removed ASAP. We scheduled the operation and spaying within a week.

April-10-2008 Update
Minnie, although now better has her share of problems: "They had to insert a drainage tube because she chewed it out. She also chewed out her stitches."

April-15-2008 Update:
Minnie was released from the hospital with handful of medications. She will be wearing a plastic cone to protect the stitches. Beth will help her to recover at home.

April-17-2008 Update:
Minnie2.jpg Minnie had her drainage tube removed yesterday. The Doctor said that the stitches can be removed next week. She will need to be fostered for a couple more weeks before she could be adopted out. Otherwise, Minnie is doing very well and she is very happy.

May-10-2008 Update:
Minnie found new home!!! Our Adoption League is very proud from saving such good dog!

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