Misty and Her Kittens Story


Misty_Kittens.jpg Precious Pets Adoption League accepted gray/white pregnant female kitty.
The lady that surrendered the cat couldn't assist the "expecting" female so she was looking for a rescue group to help. We call her - Greyheart - she said. Karrie took the new kitty under her fostering wings and changed her name to Misty.

April-07-2008 is the day when Spring has sprung in Karrie's home.
We got an exciting email from Karrie sharing the good news:

"Finally, after a week of having heavy contractions! The vet was right on the money with his prediction--four kittens and only two days before her "said" due date. Misty held in as best she could during labor. She had a very difficult time as the first one was breech! I helped her with that one and the next was hard as well, but afterwards was a lot easier and she was glad to finally be able to rest when it was all over. She purred proudly while her newborn babies suckled. She has been a great mommy and cares for them very well. Her babies are beautiful and my wish for an all-gray kitten came true!
But sheis just not gray, but silvery-gray like her mommy's fur! She also had a black and white tuxedo, a black kitten with white spots on his underside, and what I call a 'moo cow'."

April-10-2008 unbelievable update from Karrie:

./Misty's_Greyheart_kitten.jpg You will never believe this!!

As most of you know, Misty's former name was Greyheart. I wasn't thrilled with that name and changed it. This morning when I checked on the kittens, you won't believe what I saw.

The all-gray kitten grew a heart!
On her chest!

Meet the true Greyheart
(or Greyheart Jr.? lol).
That wasn't there before!!! I hope the heart stays and she doesn't grow anymore white on her. I mean, how cool is this!!

May-09-2008 update:
At the beginning of May 2008 Precious Pets Adoption League rescued 3 kittens left in a box on steps of an office building. When we picked them up we realized that they are very young, 4 -5 weeks old, and they urgently needed mommy cat to feed them and take care of them. Misty came right away into our minds. One week later we are happy to receive an update from Karrie on their progress:

"The kittens are all doing good. The [three] new kittens that Misty has taken on [adopted] as her own are gaining weight and doing very well. The story of Misty the Momma keeps getting sweeter and sweeter as I have never seen anything like this before- how Misty has taken to these 3 new kittens as her own flesh and blood and how they think she is their mommy. They are so content and happy now with having a mommy and they have been nursing from her just fine! Giving them this chance at having a mother is exactly what they needed. Everyone stays in my bedroom now, as before Misty and the babies were in my living room. I don't keep the kittens caged anymore either as they are older now. When they stray too far off, Misty will walk around calling them to make sure they come and stay nearby. Well, the 3 new kittens respond to that just like the others and will come to their "mommy" and follow her back into my room. It is just too cute! It is like these 3 belonged the whole time. "

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