Mocha and Her Kittens Story

Precious Pets Adoption League often rescues sick cats that require tremendous
effort and unconditional love for animals to nurse them back to health. Here is a rescue story from Sheila, PPAL dedicated foster, dealing with these kitties emergency in May 2007.

Sheila's email from May 13, 2007
"I'm about overwhelmed. Mom and five are having a rough day. Last night I tried to get them their prescription for Amoxi, but the pharmacy was closed. The mom and kitties were quite a bit sicker than they were when I left for Petco for the adoption... I covered their cage and put a vaporizer next to the cage. I checked on them a couple of times during the night and it seemed they were doing pretty good. In the morning their cage was an incredible mess. I decided I would have to give them more space... I cleaned up the mess and put them on the heating pad. I went out to pick up the prescription for Amoxi... I just don't want to lose them."

Sheila's email from May 17, 2007
"I'm happy to tell you that mom and kittens are improving a little each day. It's been rough. But I'm optimistic. Kittens are quite sleepy, but move around from time to time almost playing at times... They are all breathing better. It makes me feel better too. The kittens are so easy to medicate. They looked so comfortable today resting easy on their heated bed. It makes all the extra work seem worthwhile."


Update May 28, 2007
Sheila have saved mom and 3 (out of 5) kittens with her 24/7 loving care. She ended up one midnight at the animal emergency hospital, but there was little that could be done for the smallest kitten. She took her back home and comforted her in the arms to the last moment.

Thank you Sheila for the love and devotion that saved rest of them!

Update June 16, 2007
Sheila's words are telling all: "Whats not to love... I officially named them Mocha (mom), Expresso the dark kitten, Chocolate Chip the gray and white (adopted 8/11), and Cookie Dough the tabby and white.". The kittens are now very playful and enjoyable. Expresso.jpg Mocha, the beautiful Snowshoe, is a very good and attentive mom. Here are some interesting facts about the breed from the Cat Fancy magazine: "Although most breeders today breed Snowshoe to Snowshoe, these cats have Siamese and American Shorthair in their ancestry." "Perhaps because it originated from multiple sources, this breed enjoys remarkable health."

Update October 25, 2007
We have found wonderful couple (Donna and Bill) that adopted Mocha, Cookie Dough and Expresso together !!!

We are all so happy!

Update January 2008
Mocha, Expresso, and Cookie Dough are immensely enjoying their new surroundings. They have blended quite nicely with Callie, the resident calico cat. The four feline "sisters" are very much appreciated, and indulged, by Donna and her husband Bill.

Mocha_kittens_01_2008.jpg Expresso-01-2008.jpg
Cookie-Dough-01-2008.jpg Mocha-01-2008.jpg

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