Kiddo's (MrWhiskers) Story

Kiddo (formelly Mr. Whiskers) was adopted from Precious Pets Adoption League on May 2006 at the Detroit ZOO adoption event. The cat was featured as a pet-of-the-week in the newspaper.
John, an older gentlemen, came to the ZOO early in the morning with Mr. Whiskers' picture cut from the newspaper. There were hunderds of cats available, but John was determined to adopt the cat from the adoption add.
After all paperwork with the application had been formalized there came time for Sheila (Mr. Whiskers foster 'mom') to give the cat away into good hands. She always has tears in her eyes when one of her 'babies' gets adopted. This time was no exception.


We can see from the pictures that John sent us that Kiddo will have great life. Thank you John.

mrwhiskers7.jpg mrwhiskers8.jpg

John was so kind to send us few latest photos of Mr. Whiskers (the king of stuffed animals).
Thank you for the Christmas and New Year 2007 wishes!

2007-07-UpdateLetter.jpg 2007-07-MrWhiskers3.jpg
2007-07-MrWhiskers1.jpg 2007-07-MrWhiskers2.jpg
2007-12-MrWhiskers1.jpg 2007-12-JohnsLetter.jpg

Time passes so fast, another day, another month, another year... Its over 1 1/2 years when John adopted Kiddo. We appreciate very much for keeping us updated on this wonderful kitty's life!
John, Thank you for the warm wishes!

Happy New Year 2008 from all Precious Pets Adoption League volunteers.


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