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Rescues That We Will Never Forget

Little Tawny and Sibling

Taffy's_BabyTawny.jpg April-07-2008
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a pregnant female cat started to give birth, but 24 hours later the second kitten was not coming? Its a medical emergency! We called doctor to schedule emergency cesarean section.

Sadly, we lost the kitten that was stuck in the birth canal. We were relieved that this difficult "delivery" was over and that we saved mommy's life! Chris and Julie named the kitties: Taffy (mommy) and Tawny (kitten). As of now: "she seems to be doing OK with nursing the kitten, etc., but she's not really eating "

We are so sad...the kitten,Tawny, did not survived. The separation from Taffy during the first critical hours was too stressful for the kitten. When Taffy returned from the hospital after the c-section she probably did not have enough milk to feed her baby. Our attempt of moving the kitten to other female with litter did not succeeded. It was too late for this little one.

Here is Karrie's reflection:

"Yesterday the rescue league had a kitten emergency and brought to me a beautiful butterscotch and white kitten named Tawny, the same age as Misty's kittens. She was very sick, and the mother had rejected her. She was not eating well and the mother's nipples had dried up so the kitten couldn't eat! They wanted to see if Misty would take to the kitten like her own. She did! She was a very good girl about it. But the kitten wouldn't latch on to anything. So I tried to bottle feed her and kept her warm with towels and one of those hand-heaters. Tawny was one of two kittens from this litter, and her sibling had died because she was stuck in the birth canal for 24 hours. The mother had to have an emergency C-section and Tawny survived. But alas, less than an hour after Tawny was brought to me, the little angel passed away. I did all I could. It wasn't easy, but I am proud I was home to help and I tried many techniques that I had learned through the years to try to save her life. I am at least happy though, that the mother cat is ok."
" I am saddened greatly by the loss of this precious and beautiful baby. But I am proud that I did everything I could, as well as the effort of everyone that was involved. She passed away comfortably and with much love."

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