Mr. Peanut Story

Precious Pets Adoption League happy adoption story:

We often commit to saving family of kittens and mom, but there are times that are very hard requiring total devotion and love for animals. Not long time ago we have taken under our wings family of 7 (mom - Pumpkin, dad - Butternut, and 5 one week old kittens). After weeks of caring and loving, the kittens have all been adopted. Peanut was last one of the litter to find a wonderful family and a dog friend. Preadoption photo to the right. Isn't he PRECIOUS ?
"Precious Pets Adoption League,
My family recently adopted a cat from your organization and my Mother asked that I send you an email with 1 or two pictures of the here it is!
When we got the kitten from you it had been called Little Puff, Peanut, and some other names...after much debate (in a large family like mine, it was extremely debated and changed several times!!), we semi-agreed upon Peanut (sometimes Peanuts) or Mr. Peanut. So for right now that seems to be his name!
Mr. Peanut has definately had alot to do since being adopted. He has had to acclimate himself to several family members and gets a great deal of attention!! Whether it is playing on his scratching post or playing hide and seek around the house, Mr. Peanut uses his energy to the max whenever possible.
However, it seems that Mr. Peanut and the dog of the house (a four year old schneagle (beagle-schnauzer mix) named Lacey have become the best of friends! Attached are some pictures of them lounging about together. It is great to watch them chase each around the house playfully and then lounge about when they just can't play any longer!! The kitten is so attached that no day is complete without Mr. Peanut trying to find his companion Lacey--even when she is hiding under the bed for a breather!
Overall, Peanut has been a wonderful addition to our family! We were apprehensive about adopting a cat because we were not familiar with that species at all (We always said we were "dog-people"!)...but that belief has been disproved. This kitten is great fun, adorable, and a welcome new member of the family. Thanks for all your hard work in taking care of him until we found him!!!

Thanks and take care. The M... family