Cherry and Rosco Story

This is one of many
Precious Pets Adoption League happy adoption stories in 2007 and 2014:

Cherry is doing great and made her self right at home from the minute she walked in the door. She immediately wanted to start playing with my other dog and they have been following each other around ever since. They like to play together in the back yard and we walk together each night with no problems. She likes to pull on the leash a bit, but she's learning to slow down and walk nice. She also loves playing with my fiancee's high energy Pomeranian; they would play for hours if I didn't stop them! I've attached a couple of pictures.
Norman M. B.


For many years Cherry and her other two friends dogs were making good pack, going for walk, playing, and making their owners happy.

UPDATE 2014:
And when one of the dogs had to part with our world Norman turned again to Precious Pets Adoption League to save another dog. He liked very much Pit Bull Randy that he later named Rosco (darker tan in the photo on the right).

This dog's life was miserable for the first five years and we were wondering how he survived summers and winters outside without any compassion or care from his owner ... this is what we know from lady that lived next door...

"For 5 years, he lived next door to me. He was not treated well. He was never allowed to be with his family. He was kept outside all year around, and virtually ignored.
From the time he came to live here, I did all I could, to take care of him. I fed him most of the time, and kept fresh water for him, particularly in the summer months. I bought him nice toys, his stainless steel water bowl, and food bowl. Heated water bowl and heating pad in winter. Straw for his dog house. I embellished him with treats he loved, particularly ham bones and beef bones, whenever I could afford. He liked me, but he always wanted to play, and frankly he was too strong for me...
My heart broke for this dog. When the neighbor moved out, they left him behind. It was my chance to find him a better existence so I asked Precious Pets Adoption League to rescue him. Then one day, you came along, and the rest is history. I cried today, viewing your photos. I can see he finally has the home he deserves. Thank you. Please send us more photos from time to time."

Now again pack of three dogs, going for walk, playing, and making their owners happy.



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