Pregnant Duke's Story

This is one of many Precious Pets Adoption League happy and FUNNY adoption stories in September 2008.

Hi! My name is Duke, although that hasn't always been the case . . .

Duke2.jpg When I was first brought to PPAL, the PPAL people were told that I was pregnant. Since I was pregnant, I was given to foster parents who have experience dealing with pregnant cats. The first thing my foster parents did was give me a name -- Daisy. The next thing they did was take me to the vet to get me examined. The vet did something called an ultrasound and confirmed that yes indeed, I was pregnant and due in 2-3 weeks. He told my foster parents that they should start feeding me kitten food so I would be getting enough nutrients to feed the kittens in my tummy. This didn't make any sense to me, but I sure did like getting all of that yummy kitten food!
After about 3 weeks of eating some of the most delicious food I've ever had, my foster parents got worried that I didn't have babies yet, even though my tummy was getting bigger by the day! They took me back to the doctor's office to make sure I was okay. After the doctor did another one of those ultrasound things, he told my foster parents that I wasn't pregnant! They were so surprised! They think my tummy was getting bigger because I was eating the kitten food. Personally, I don't think my tummy is really that big at all, but that's another story.
Since I wasn't pregnant, a week later my foster daddy took me back to the doctor's office to get me fixed. This surprised me, because I didn't even realize I was broken! But I went along with it anyway. All I know is that I stayed overnight at the doctor's office and some doctors and nurses poked around on me a little bit, but they didn't do much else. The next thing I knew, my foster-daddy came back to pick me up. I don't know exactly why that happened, but I remember my foster-daddy calling my foster-mommy and saying something like, "You're not going to believe this, but Daisy is already fixed."! (I knew I wasn't broken.) Then he said to her, "Oh, it gets better . . . Daisy is a BOY!" I don't know why everyone was so surprised to hear this. I knew all along that I was a boy. All they had to do was ask me. I was kind of thrown off by the pregnant thing, but figured that maybe it was okay for boys to have babies now, and if that meant eating all of the kitten food I wanted, that was fine by me.
Duke1.jpg When I got back to my foster-home, my name was immediately changed to Duke (something about Daisy-Duke that I don't really understand).

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I thought that maybe if you knew my story you'd think I was interesting and you would invite me to live with you in a forever home. My foster mommy and daddy always tell me that I'm a good boy and they call me a "lover kitty" whatever that means. My foster-mommy has long claws and she uses them to scratch my belly. I love when she does that. I also hear them talking about me being a cool cat. I do know what that means and it makes me proud.

So, if you have place in your heart and in your home for a good, cool, lover kitty, then I'm your man!

After his story was told Duke found forever home !

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