Injured Snickers Story

This is one of many
Precious Pets Adoption League happy adoption stories in 2008:

At the end of February 2008
We rescued this Snowshoe with a head injury needing urgent veterinary care. Chris and Julie were fostering Snickers, giving him all the care and needed attention.

"From the first second we had Snickers, it was easy to see that he was a total lover-kitty. He loved to be held and snuggled but even more than that, he loves treats! He can hear the treat bag being opened from two rooms away, and as soon as he hears it, he comes tearing into the room! When Snickers first came to us, he had a wound on the top of his head. Because of Snickers' loving nature the wound wouldn't heal since he kept rubbing his whole body and head up against us to show us love. As a result, we took Snickers' to the clinic where his wound was stitched. His eyelid still has a little bit of healing, but his stitches were recently removed and Snickers is even more lovable than ever.
Snickers is definitely "people's cat"."


UPDATE June-28-2008:
Snicker found forever home! We are very happy!

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