Potpourri and Her Kittens Story


Potpourri_and_kittens_1week.jpg Precious Pets Adoption League rescued Potpourri, a pregnant cat, from the cold winter and gave her chance to have her kittens in a warm home. Sheila, our foster, prepared separate enclosure and breeding box with electric heating pad.
On February 8 and 9, 2007 COCO and CHANEL were born. Potpourri was very good happy 'mom' cat, constantly attending her kittens and purring loudly.
Normally, a litter consists of 5 or more kittens. Since, in this case, only two kittens were born we were worrying that there maybe more unborn kittens. We took Potpourri to our veterinarian for an examination. Everything was looking OK.
The beautiful kittens were growing well under Sheila's exceptional care. We are happy to announce that both kittens have been adopted on April 21, 2007.

COCO-2weeks.jpg CHANEL-2weeks.jpg

Potpourri was waiting patiently until Thanksgiving weekend 2007 when she was adopted by a loving family.

December 11, 2007 update

Potpourri2s.jpg "Hi Sheila,
The kitty is doing well!! I enjoy her company very much, especially with my husband traveling. She has adjusted quickly and is even friendly when I had some friends over this weekend. We are both glad we took the time to adopt a pet! It has been a good experience.
She hasn't been too destructive with the tree.... she pulls on the beads and once in a while I find an ornament on the ground. Other than that it hasn't been bad. The tree doesn't have much in the way of decorations on the lower part though! :) She was jumping on the counters but i put double sided tape on them and it seems to have fixed the problem. That was the only "issue" and it wasn't a big deal. ...
Take care and Merry Christmas,
Erin "

Potpourri4s.jpg Potpourri6s.jpg

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