Charlie's (Prince) Story

In the begining of December 2007
Prince.jpg Precious Pets Adoption League was contacted by a good Samaritans when they found this stray kitten, later named Prince, on the engine of their car. We have taken Prince under our wings and took him for veterinary visit. Prince was a real sweetheart that loved to cuddle up with people (he was sleeping in a volunteer's hood for most part of the adoption show).

Be aware that in the winter cats will seek warm places. Please investigate any unusual noises in your car ASAP! You may rescue such precious kitten as Prince!

December 26, 2007 Update


The kitten was adopted to a family with a lot of love for animals, as you can see from these pictures. The young boy plays all the time with his new kitten, now named Charlie.
We hope you don't mind the face "mask" since we prefer not to publish people faces.

Charlie2n.jpg Charlie3n.jpg

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