Rocky's Story


Rocky (approximate birth date Sep 2005)
and Brutus (adopted early) were found by their foster person, Aaron from Precious Pets Adoption League, walking down the middle of the street. They were both friendly and willingly got in the car. In fact, Rocky jumped into the car as soon as the door was opened. Despite being in rough shape when he was first found, Rocky is a friendly dog that loves attention and people.
Note: In the second photo, Rocky has on a head halter, which humanely aids in training a dog not to pull when on a leash. This is not a muzzle!

Aaron was taking care of Rocky for many months until April 09, 2008. Our hearts are full of joy knowing that we found new loving family for Rocky .

April 11, 2008 Update from Cara and Kurt:

"Dear Aaron and Gina,

I would just like to take the time to thank you and Aaron and Precious Pets Adoption League. We are the proud parents of Rocky, a wonderful 3 year old pit-bull that we adopted 4/9/08. He has the sweetest temperament in the world and is just amazingly well behaved. He is adapting well to his new home and has become the center of our attention. He is more than we could have ever hoped for and we are thankful that we were able to adopt him and provide him a loving home. For me he is an absolute joy to come home to every day, and a constant companion to Cara every day all day long. He loves to lay at Cara's feet while she is on the computer or when she is reading. He loves attention and cant get enough rubbing, I think we could pet the fir clean off Rocky and all he would do is lay there in total enjoyment. His love knows no bounds. We love to take him out on long walks through our subdivision, which he appears to enjoy as much as we do.


In the past 72 hours we have had Rocky he has not shown any signs of aggression, we have taken him to Petsmart and Petco with us where several other dogs were present with their owners roaming the aisles. Several of the other owners animals were barking and showing signs of aggression towards Rocky. Rocky didn't pay a moments attention to them as they continuously barked at him and lunged at him with the other owners having to restrain their dogs, Rocky didn't even tug at his leash. Rocky seems to be extremely curious when he sees other people, but every person who approached him in the pet stores was greeted by a gracious loving animal, they all commented on his amazing behavior and could not believe his temperament, they all observed the other dogs barking at him and were amazed at his ability to completely ignore them.

Rocky has started to assume a roll of family/household protector, I came home for lunch yesterday and he heard the door open but did not have a view of me yet. I heard him come out of the office where he was sitting with Cara and down the hall into the kitchen where he stopped and let out one deep bark, not as a sign of attack, but as more of a warning to any would be intruder that there is a dog here (it was the first time I had heard a peep out of him). As soon as he gained a visual of me as I came around the corner he came running to me and stood up on his hind legs and just flooded me with kisses. It was nice to see him provide a warning bark to let any person entering the home know he was present. He is the perfect daily companion for my fiance. And I feel a sense of relief knowing he is at home all day with her. He is the perfect companion.

I would like to thank Aaron for his time spent with us and his patients with our follow up phone calls, Aaron truly cares about Rocky and wanted to ensure that he went to the right home. I am so happy he chose us to become Rocky's parents.

We are so happy and just love Rocky, he is our baby boy. We are grateful to PPAL and Aaron for his help in adopting Rocky. Cara and I will recommend PPAL to anyone we know that is looking to provide a loving animal with a good home."


Cara and Kurt ...

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