Samantha's Story

Samantha.jpg In December 2006, this hapless kitten, alone and hungry, wandering the farming community in Richmond, MI, got the attention of a woman severely allergic to cats. An animal lover above all, she rescued the kitten. She took it to a local veterinary clinic to have it leukemia tested, wormed, and treated for ear mites and a severe flea infestation. The kitten was almost bald in some spots, trying to "lick" the fleas away. Due to the woman's allergies, she was unable to bring the kitten into her home. As best she could, she made the kitten comfortable in her barn. For three weeks she tried to find a home for the kitten. She started to worry, as winter was here and the barn was very cold. She posted a note at a pet supply store.
One of Precious Pets Adoption League's foster moms saw the note and called to rescue the kitten and find it a good home. The woman was reluctant at first to surrender the kitten to someone she never met. After careful scrutiny, she did what was best for the kitten, and brought it to the new "foster mom". The rescuer promised to follow up on veterinary care and vaccinations, as well as, to have the kitten spayed before she was put up for adoption. Samantha is a lucky girl. She found the right person to take care of her.

SamanthaWithNewDad-sm.jpg March 05, 2008 update:
Samantha found good home, first meeting with her new 'daddy' "...looked like love at first sight! ". We are so happy!

2009 update:
Samantha often travels to Florida for "vacations" to be always with her owner.

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