Simba's (Donavan) Story

July 2005
Simba_3.jpg This was the listing for this little elderly pure bred pekingnese:

"Donovan was found as a stray and brought to the Monroe County Animal Control. Precious Pets Adoption League rescued him before he was to be euthanized. He is a very comical little guy. Donavan is about 8 years old. He is house trained. When he came to us he was matted to the skin and we shaved all his hair off. He was so happy that he danced all around. Donovan loves to sleep with his humans and loves to cuddle."

He found his perfect home forever Sep-06-2005!

December 2007 Update

Simba_3.jpg We have received few Simba's pictures.

Isn't this a happy story!

Simba_1.jpg Simba_2.jpg

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