Snuggle's Story

I got an urgent call one day, from an old friend. It seems that her male cat had plucked one little kitten, away his mother and littermates. The male cat brought the kitten home to her, as a present. He dropped the kitten, at my friend's feet. She thought the kitten was a mouse, at first glance! She didn't know where the mom cat was, and couldn't care for the little kitten. herself.-- So my friend called me.. Snuggle.jpg

I am a cat foster ( Sheila), with Precious Pets Adoption League. I took one look, at the adorable kitten, and fell immediately under his spell. Missing his mom, the kitten used to press tightly, in the crook of my neck, so I appropriately named him "Snuggle". I gave him extra attention, but I'm not his mom. As time went on, the kitten began to bite me, when I played with him. Under the direction of our veterinarian Dr. Burke, she advised me to put another cat with Snuggle, to better socialize him. I picked Princess. In no time she taught Snuggle to be a sweet kitten. It was an excellent match. She acted like his mother, and wouldn't put up with his kitten nips.

We found an excellent home for Snuggle, in Macomb Tp.last April. His new "dad" Justin, seems to really enjoy his new companion.

Thanks Justin K, for the loving home, that you are providing this sweet, incredibly handsome, and very lucky kitty.

UPDATE from Justin, April 19, 2010
Snuggle2.jpg "Hi Sheila,

I'm sorry it has taken so long to send you these pictures. Snuggle has really warmed up to being with my family. He is such a great cat. He does not hide as much as he used to, and he almost seems to walk around like he owns the place. He still gets scared, though, when there is a louder than normal sound or when someone makes a sudden movement. I'm sure these things will pass. Snuggle1.jpg

I will be sure to contact you in the future if there are any problems, but I will also contact you again to provide an update on Snuggle's status.


Justin K "

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