Thomas and Theo Story

We are the family who adopted Tiko's brothers, Thomas and Theo...... Just wanted to let everyone know, we absolutely love our new kitties. They are the best cats I've ever had!! They fit in like they have been here forever. They are so lovable and just like you said they go limp in your arms. My children love them and both cats are great with them and follow them everywhere and love playing with them. I think the kitties are exhausted by the end of the day and sleep all night long. They love their new home and have been perfect in their litterboxes. I can't say enough great things about them!! I am so thankful we have them!! I only wish that Tiko would find a good home too. My heart has been breaking thinking about him not being with his brothers. Please keep us informed if he gets adopted as we would love to know. Thanks again for everything!!
"The C---- Family"
Precious Pets Adoption League pre-adoption pictures of Thomas (right) and Theo (above), April 2004. We hope to get updated pictures from the C---- family.
BTW, kitty Tiko has been adopted week later.