Tinker and Kittens Story

Tinker-and-kittens.jpg In May 2007, when the Detroit ZOO adoption event was coming to an end, some groups desperately tried to find other rescue leagues to take animals that they could no longer shelter. Gina, the Precious Pets Adoption League president, after deciding to rescue two black cats, was still looking around cages. AND there was Tinker, a tiger female begging for love with her beautiful eyes and loud purring. Gina just could not ignore such a precious cat. She took the cat home and made an appointment for spaying. Two days before the procedure, Tinker started showing symptoms of pregnancy. Instead of spaying Tinker, we took her to the veterinarian for an examination and the doctor confirmed the pregnancy. We had no idea when to expect the kittens. Several weeks passed and on June 30, 2007, Gina woke up to find these 7 little kittens, nursing from Tinker.

Isn't this a miracle?

All of us at Precious Pets Adoption League had tears in our eyes when hearing this good news.
August 18, 2007 update: the kittens have been adopted to good homes and Tinker will be ready for adoption after spaying.
December 01, 2007 update: we are pleased to tell you that we adopted out Tinker. She has a new loving family, and the company of other cats.

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