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Cat Poetry
In Memory of Robert Barnes
A Friend and Supporter of Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue

Robert Barnes unexpectedly passed away recently. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends and, of course, his two four-legged companions, Fred and Nermie. Donations can be made in his name to MMCR. Below is a poem written in Robert's honor by his friend James Kenyon.

Robert Barnes

In remembrance of Robert Barnes,
an artist and a friend,
His love for his cat and animals had no boundaries,
His devotion had no end

His passion for things of beauty never walked,
But always ran.

He could work in any media; there was nothing he could not do,
His artistry bordered genius and transcended normal view.

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends,
But most of all by his cats Fred and Nerm who he served till the end.

It seems that many people are hesitant to adopt black cats. Why this is so, we aren't sure but before you rule out adopting an all black cat, read this poem and you just might reconsider. . .

Princely Pride

By James Kenyon

We love our beautiful ebony cat with it's wonderful eyes of yellow.
He is such a loving and playful cat, a truly pleasurable fellow.

I am not sure if what I heard is true, but it holds up in our house;
Since we got our beautiful ebony cat, we haven't seen a single mouse.

Everyone who comes by to visit us has the same great thing to say.
Can your black cat please come home with me, just for a while to play?

It doesn't appear as our black cat sheds as much as our calico.
It may just be since the hairs are black they just don't seem to show.

I have heard some people are hesitant to have a cat that is black.
As for my spouse and me, we would never gives ours back.


By James Kenyon

When others just push away and no one seems to care,
I know that when I get home you will always be there.

You are a great listener and interested in what I say,
You always greet me by the door and ask about my day.

You seem to know when I'm down and feeling really sad,
You sit on my lap and sing your song and say it ain't that bad.

You are always cheerful and always love to play,
I'm glad I have a friend like you to get me through my day.

Alone No More

Anonymous Author

I was feeling all alone each and every day.
I would read or stare out the window to pass the time away.

The house was dead with no activity and no one else around.
What I would not have given to hear most any sound.

The radio and television helped a little, but not really a lot.
Its tough living all alone and your mind just goes to pot.

I would occasionally go out, but would return to an empty house.
I can’t tell you how depressing that is, no kids, no roommate, no spouse.

One day in my daily paper I saw an interesting ad.
It said someone needed a home and I thought how sad.

I took a trip to a rescue house and there I met Tom.
He came right up and hugged me as if he was saying Mom.

Tom was a big beautiful black cat and we adopted each other.
I came to call him son and I think he calls me mother.

Now my home is full of activity, which is exactly what I need.
Tom will keep me company, especially when I read.

Whenever I am out for a while I no longer dread going home.
Tom greets me as I open the door and I am no longer alone.
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