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Thank you for visiting Last Day Dog Rescue. We are a 501(c)(3) organization with a simple mission - saving animals. A no-kill rescue based in Livonia with foster homes across Michigan. We take in these beautiful transient creatures and do our very best to provide them with safety, medical care, and LOVE. Since 2007 saving thousands of dogs and cats. While we openly take in puppies and dogs who are in good shape, our focus is on saving those who are most likely not saved without our help. We were founded on the principle that all life is precious, regardless of breed, appearance, or age. Read more about our organization here.

FREE Dog Training for LDDR Adopters!

We are happy to offer free training sessions to our adopters to help guarantee success and happiness with your new furry friend! Training is held at Healthy Paws in Westland. Please email lddr.healthypawsdogs@gmail.com for training times, and to RSVP to a session.

LDDR Makes Guest Appearance on Ann Arbor Public TV

Ever wondered why the dog adoption process can be more in-depth than you expected? We highly recommend checking out this article!: Those darn dog rescues with all of their rules and questions - what gives?

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Gizmo or momo as her foster mom calls her is a sweet 3 year old black and white female cat. She can be a little shy at first because she has been moved around a few times in her short life. As long as you give her a little attention though she warms up fast! She gets along with other cats and doesn’t mind the dogs as long as they don’t mess with her.  Do you think that you could b...read more about Gizmo
  Sarah-Rf Litter (HP)
Hi everyone, I was given the name Sarah when I was a pup but my name is Starbuck now. My family could no longer care for my needs so I came back to LDDR for some addition training and love.  Somewhere along the way I became fearful of the world and reacted poorly when I left the house to go out.  My foster mom and trainer are teaching me that I don’t have to be sca...read more about Sarah-Rf Litter (HP)
Brooke is very attentive and responsive to her foster family. She ‘talks’ and ‘listens’ to us with her big brown eyes. She and my two cats have established satisfactory boundaries, if not rapport. She’s excited to ‘go for a ride ‘ in the car. She’s content to go into her crate when I leave the house. At night she sleeps blissfully on her bed on t...read more about Brooke
  Maxie (AK)
How can you not love a face like that?! He is a very gentle, well behaved boy who loves lots of attention, is very smart, knows basic commands and takes treats nicely but because of his size he would be more suitable for families with older children. Maxie is a big, strong boy and will need an owner that is physically strong enough to control him while on walks and willing to...read more about Maxie (AK)
  Benson [CBW-AA]
 Benson is a sweet and inquisitive young dog, and absolutely ready to be part of a new family! He may be a little apprehensive around strangers, but will quickly warm up to you and be ready to show - and receive - lots of affection. He loves to put his body next to mine or sit upright as I pet him, and belly rubs and tennis balls are a definite yes! Benson is just an easy dog to love and care...read more about Benson [CBW-AA]
I'm Mango, a sweet 10 month old kitten. I love to play with the other kitties in my foster mom's home. I stay away from the dogs, I get a long with them, I just dont want to be friends with them. I'm a little shy at first, and am not in the sit in your lap phase yet. Those toys are too much fun! I use the litter box and dont use my nails on anything. Do you think that you might want to make me par...read more about Mango
I'm a sweet 7 month old girl named Sushi. I love to run around and play with the other cats and my foster mom's family. I'm not really in the cuddling phase yet because playing is just so much fun! I have an extra cool thing about me...I have extra toes. If you would like more information or to meet me contact my foster mom at karen.wimberly@yahoo.com Last Day Dog Rescue now microchips a...read more about Sushi
I am a beautiful loving girl. I am about 3 years young and love to be around my people. I'm kinda like a dog and I will follow my people around. I get along with other cats and dogs. I go to the bathroom in that box that my foster mom calls a litter box. I would love to come live with you. If you would like to know more about me email my foster mom:Karen.wimberly@yahoo.comLast Day Dog Rescue now m...read more about Momma
  Phoebe [AK]
Phoebe is a very friendly young gal who loves to play.  Her tail wags constantly and she is always ready for a game of fetch.  She has the energy to easily do a few rounds of agility and if you want that frisbee caught, I'm sure she can do that too.  She would make a great jogging partner and would love a trip to the dog park.  Do you want your kids entertained and tired out?&...read more about Phoebe [AK]
  Bob ♥ (HP)
Hi, My name is Bob and I would love to meet you and hopefully become one of your family members.  I cannot hear you call me by my name as I am completely deaf, but when you get my attention, I will follow you anywhere :-) like for breakfast or dinner.  I am house and crate trained and love to run around in the backyard and have a grand time. I would love a family who has a fenced in...read more about Bob ♥ (HP)



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