How Rescuing saved me:

Fuji FlowerAs an avid dog lover, I found my life purpose was to have a voice for these misplaced DOGS, I've been involved with many businesses over the past several years and found success each time as a self employed entrepreneur. NOTHING has provided me with the level of gratification I've found through dog rescue & the wonderful people who've opened their doors to these priceless pets.

Each morning, when I wake up, my own 3 dogs have inspired me to carry on and find a higher purpose. That's how the idea of starting a dog rescue first entered my mind. Through careful research, It became evident that there is a staggeringly large population of dogs in need of rescue.

The pursuit of small dog rescue and the wonderful people I continue to meet daily, have helped me regain my faith and trust in humanity. PoochiePals small dog rescue, has led us to many willing volunteers who generously support our efforts. We're growing yearly by leaps & bounds by changing the lives of many precious dogs who have ended up in dire circumstances. Snorky FlowerWe'd like to THANK each and every one of YOU who support rescue as there's a tremendous need to help save these loving innocent souls, as they have also saved me personally.

Poki Fuji Snorky

Saving Dog Plaque


"In memory of my dog Fuji, who sadly passed July 13, 2018"     - Fuji was just 4 months shy of 15 years old -