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A special thanks to the families who gave these innocent & loving dogs a chance to enjoy their lives and be accepted into your homes!

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Jack - June 2019
This is Jack. He was still a puppy when he was surrendered to us. A very sweet boy. His owners had to give him up because they didn't realize the commitment involved. As always, we found a wonderful home with an older couple who lived 4 hours away in Michigan. He now is in his loving home. His new owners love him, he gets plenty of attention and lots of playtime with all the dogs in the neighborhood. He's doing very well and he's going to be a big boy once full grown.
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Milo - April 2019
Poochie Pals was given word there was a shih-tzu being held in a crate 24 hours a day inside of a veterinarians office. This dog was brought into the vet by a woman who could no longer care for him and ask that he be put down. The vet refused. He was only 3 years old. The groomer at the vet had kept him for 6 months living inside a crate at the vets. I found out about it by a fluke. I drove into a bad area in Detroit and walked right into the veterinarian and asked about this little guy. I told them who I was and what I do and thank God they released this dog to us. Along came a couple who adopted Milo and he is living amongst three other fur babies in a brand new life being completely loved.
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Grace - May 2018
May 3rd 2018, while driving home through a neighborhood, I spotted this Bichon running very, very scared in the rain with no ID or tags. I got her in my car and drove her to the West Bloomfield Police Department. They immediately scanned a microchip and the owner was registered. He came to the police station to pick his dog up. I feel happy I was able to save this dog from being hit by a car. Her name is Grace and we are hoping the owner will be a lot more responsible from this point on.
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Cheeto - January 2014
Cheeto was hours away from being put down, he had fear aggression. We took him on and after 3 homes, a very patient man came into his life. This man worked with Cheeto & then adopted him to his family. This picture is a miracle as we never thought Cheeto would have made it with a child. Thank you so much, Mr. Slipnot. You saved Cheeto!
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Hershey - November 2013
Hershey, a senior Lhaso Apso, was found when his owner died at her home. We found Hershey a new home with an elderly lady who just loves the little funny guy! He has a quiet life with a huge fenced-in yard for exploring. Cheers to Hershey and his new mom.
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Cheech - November 2013
Cheech was adopted and he had very bad anxiety and his new owner gives him total attention. He has really settled in and is very happy. Happy holidays Cheech!
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Chin Chin
Chin Chin - November 2013
Meet Chin Chin, she was adopted to a wonderful lady who loves her. She's a Japanese Chin and becoming the love of her new mom's life!
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Jake the Havanese
Jake the Havanese (update) - August 2013
Linda, (Mind you this dog was a former puppy mill dog) SAVED!!!! I swear for months now I would write to tell you about Jake to refresh your memory, my sister Stephanie and I drove up from Pittsburgh for him in December 2011. Anyway, scrawny little Jake has blossomed into a handsome, affectionate little boy. I remember you saying that he followed you around the house. Not much has changed! He loves to be held like a baby and cries when he doesn't get enough attention. Believe me, he gets plenty of attention. I really don't think the dogs have been left alone for more than four hours. At first, we weren't sure how he would do with Henry, our other Havanese. When we first brought Jake home, Henry would get annoyed if Jake was touching him when they would snooze on the sofa. Now, the two are inseparable. It's difficult to take one on a walk without the other. We can't even begin to imagine not having Jake. He is the sweetest little guy. I've attached a few photos of him. This one was taken the first week we brought him home. He looks so different now. We love to take photos of him. Hope all is well with you.
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Betsy - August 2013
Betsy came from a hoarder's home where she was given little to no attention. All that has changed now is Betsy is now in a home where her new adoptive owners, Marge & Randy love her so much. She has a sister playmate and has travelled to a summer cottage. She is being given a new lease on life. Betsy is a sweet girl who has a new life ahead and it will continue to get better. Thank you for the rescue of Betsy. She is one happy girl!
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Daisy- July 2013
My husband and I love and adore Daisy, she has fit right in and loves to be held and rubbed. She does great when I bathe her once a month and brush her every other day. We took her out on the boat and she loved it, she would jump in the lake right off the boat and then wants back in the boat only to jump in again, it is so funny. She loves walks and chases any animal, lol. I take her for bike rides, well she runs next to me on her leash and I ride the bike. She is very active and has adapted so well. My grandkids love her too. She plays with a big ball and has tennis balls we throw and she brings back. She is so playful and I am so happy to have been blessed with her. I love to put barrettes in her hair, every week a different color.
Thank You so much, Linda.
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Casper with kids
Casper - June 2013
Casper is a friendly as sweet as can be Maltipoo. He came from a wonderful home, but with a newborn and a move into a new home, the owners had to give him up. Along came a personal friend of Poochiepals, Shelly & her family. Shelly has had a life change with new positive family adding on. She came right over and adopted him. He fits in perfect & this picture was taken just an hour after Casper met his new furry family. Casper is getting so much love he doesn't know what to do with all this new found attention! Thanks Shelly and Sean!! Many years of lots of happiness with all 3 doggies!!
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Trekker - June 2013
Trekker came to us from a family that could no longer care for him. He's a big boy all 20 pounds of him. Trekker went to a family of 3 adults who have 3 dogs already. He will never be alone again. Trekker is a beautiful dog he was so in need of love and gravitated more to men. He will be part of a family of a husband & wife and their live-in brother. He licked the face of his new found friend, Gene, when they came to adopt him, tail wagging & looked like he was smiling! His next venture with this family I can tell will be his best years to come. As they referred to it, Trekker will be entering Doggy Disneyland. God intervened on this adoption as he does on all. Bless this total dog loving family and Trekker's name will be changed soon.
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Dolly - May 2013
Dolly, our senior female was a sad case. She was not taken care of by her older owner and her teeth really need work. She has some skin moles that are having to be checked and some other health issues. Her eyesight and hearing are in question. Dolly was adopted to these two ladies who were interested in a senior dog to live out her life for the rest of her days. She gets walks, lots of love and her new owners are angels for taking her to a better chance to live her golden years. Thank you also to Chris who fostered Dolly and to all that will give this girl another chance.
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Gibby - May 2013
This tiny Maltese sweetie was given up because of a situation where the owners could not care for him. Randy contacted us and he adopted Gibby that very day he came in. Gibby ran in and it was as if he belonged right in this new home, Gibby has a new older fur brother who is accepting him & an entire family who loves him dearly.

Thank you to the Otis family.
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Buddy - May 2013
Buddy was found in a thunderstorm on a freeway underpass. He was frightened and homeless. A dog lover who found him called us, after searching all over for his owner after 3 weeks, he surrendered Buddy to us. Buddy was adopted to a wonderful couple who have given this dog (who we believe was tossed out of a vehicle) and he is happy and at his forever home.
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Tiger (Mickey)
Tiger - May 2013
Tiger (aka Mickey) is such a blessing and wonderful addition to our family. He gets along great with our other Shih Tzu rescue, Sparty. They spend their day playing, going for walks with me and most evenings are at the park watching the kids' soccer practice. He loves all the attention he gets from all the kids! Thanks so much for helping us find such a treasure. We love every lit bit of him.

The Patel Family
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Jesse - May 2013
Hi, The little one is doing awesome. We can't believe we have only had her for a week, she acts like she has been here forever.

She kind of likes it outside but doesn't care for the neighbors big furkid. Loves the bed time treats and of course sleeping in the big bed but she is a bit of a bed hog. haha.

Hope the pictures come out nice.

Thank you so much,

Larry and June Johnson
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Sophie - April 2013
Linda, Everything is fantastic. Sophie has settled in and is a valued addition to our family. Thank you so much for allowing us to meet Sophie, and to subsequently adopt her. She is so sweet, and really loves my girls. (Both of them are out of the house) but when they visit she is extremely happy. Vicky & I want to thank so so much for making the adoption process so satisfying. We are very delighted and will certainly have some referrals for you in the future.

Best Regards-Jeffrey
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Max the Maltese
Max - April 2013
Max the Maltese is doing wonderfully in his new home. Thank you Sedone for taking this misplaced adorable boy and giving him a life that is full of pure joy!
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Jazz (Jasmine) - May 2013
Jazz was adopted by this wonderful adopter. There are 3 adults and 2 children in the house. She gets tons of attention and love. She is a sweet heart and is loved by all she meets. At first, Jazz was very timid and did not like to go outside. Now, she insists that we take her on long walks everyday and plays with all she sees. She is transformed from a neglected dog to a fun loved happy little girl.
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Zen - March 2013
The world of dog sports led me on a journey to find a smart, energetic and athletic breed that's easy to train. Research led me to the Poodle and Petfinder.com led me to Zen.

Zen is exactly as described above, and then some. At 9 weeks old, he had already learned basic commands such as come, sit, down and stay. When I saw how fast he catches on, I also taught him how to fetch, rollover and ring a bell to go outside for his business. He amazes me everyday and has an endless amount of energy. I couldn't be more pleased!

He's sure to excel in Agility, Flyball and Rally Obedience in the future, but as of now, he's enjoying the Captain's seat while cruising Lake St. Clair. He loves being the center of attention.

Kesha Dexter, MI
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Matilda - March 2013
Here are the photos we promised. Matilda's doing very well and getting on fantastically with Beverly.

Thanks again.
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Sparky - March 2013
Sparky, a 6-month-old shih tzu who was shuffled into 3 different homes. We found his forever home with his new shih tzu playmate, a female girlfriend. he has it made with full attention round the clock.
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Zora - February 2013
Zora was adopted by Santha & her family, they just love her! She had a doggy sister playmate who is now with Santha's grandmother. They are one big happy family. Zora is the heart of the house and very loved!

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Kent (as in Clark Kent) - January 2013
Your boys are beautiful! Joshua whose name is now Kent - as in Clark Kent - is wonderful. I named him Kent because my brother's dog is named Clark. I can honestly say of all the dogs I have ever owned, he is the greatest. He has brought so much love to our family.

All of our friends and relatives cannot get over how wonderful he is. I have never met a dog so mild-mannered. Which ironically is what Clark Kent is - “a mild mannered reporter” - so the name was meant to be. Anyways, thank you so much for introducing me to him. He has made our lives so much better. I am in DC right now for work so I am going to attach some pictures of him that I have here on my computer.

Take care Linda and thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals …

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Lolly - November 2012
Meet Lolly the 9 month old Yorkiepoo who was almost put down because she swallowed a staple. Her owner's left her at the Vet told the Vet to "put her down" because of the cost of the surgery.Poochiepals was called and we stepped in and placed her with a wonderful family. She is doing great and loved very much...Imagine the smile on that little girl's face and saving Lolly.
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Jazzy - June 2012
Jazzy was adopted by this wonderful adopter and has become her best friend. She gets tons of attention and love! We see Jazzy at the dog Park often and she is transformed from a neglected dog to a fully loved happy little girl!
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Buddah, Gary and Hope Buddah with adoptees Gary and Hope - August 2012
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Bella Bella on left with Lil' Sister - August 2012
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Barley Barley (Shih-Poo) - August 2012
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Gucci Gucci - Tiny Shih-Tzu - July 2012
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Brittany Brittany - Beautiful Shih-Tzu Girl - July 2012
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Bobby Bobby - June 2012
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Sissy_sandySissy / Sandie update - Jan 2012
Hi Linda, I thought I would send you a picture of me and Sissy, its been a work in progress but i think after showing LOVE and Patient and gritting my teeth some times we have made it. She has brought more laughter and joy into my dull life,its always something new to her, her first snow flake last year,the first rain fall she played out in [WET DOG] and biggest laugh the garden hose she loves to run under the water just like a kid she gets soaking wet and comes back for more. but of course there are times where we have problems, but all in all you [Linda] made the right choice when you let me adopt Sissy..We Thank You, and know you will bring Joy to other people. HAPPY NEW YEAR SANDRA & SISSY

SnickersSnickers - December 2011
Snickers, a baby female Shih Tzu, came to the rescue of Poochiepals. She was ill at first and she was nursed back into good health. Snickers went to a family that loves her so much. Snickers was born to a breeder who really didn't take care of any of his dogs. She had some issues and now she is all better and thriving in her new loving home. The kids were so happy to have her and love this sweet girl. Nicole Shannon and her husband have been willing to do whatever it takes to get Snickers acclimated. She is loved and spoiled and we could not have found her a better home. Love to this special fighter and may she be blessed her whole life!

JakeJake - December 2011
Jake a beautiful Havenese, came to us to us from a retired breeder/ farmer. Jake was severely matted and had some health issues. Thank the 3 sisters who emailed us about Jake. He is now living in PA w/a loving playmate his older furry brother Henry, another male Havenese, Jake has been taken very good care oif and is adjusting very well in his new home. He went from living in a barn not being treated properly to a loving caring forver home. Bless little Jake.

PopoPopo - December 2011
Popo was brought to us by a farmer along with 5 other unfortunate dogs and pups, who lived their lives in a kennel barn. Popo was the sweetest little guy who had alot of spirit of his little waggy tail and bright expressive eyes.He was adopted by a great family who surprised their kids for Christmas with a new puppy. Popo is getting more love & attention than he could have ever imagined. When the Wertz's showed up to take Popo home it was emotional to see our last little rescue dog of those 6 to go..I am so happy that he found his foever home. Look at his face if he is not the cutest little shih tzu!! Thank you to the Wertz's for saving Popo from a life of breeding. Kisses to Popo!

BellaBella - December 2011
Bella this endearing young female puppy came from a farmer/breeder. She is a Havenese. Bless Bella's heart and to Paula who came to rescue her. There were 6 dogs that arrived the last week in December from what seemed to be a puppymill. Bella had arrived all matted and in poor condition. Her age is approx 6 months and her spirit looked broken. She is now with her new family. We got a call that they absolutely love her and want another Havenese. Bella a purebred Havenese spent her life in a barn with chickens, cows, horses and was filthy when she arrived. By the grace of god, a groomer showed up and groomed all 6 of these puppymill rescues. Her eyes were reddened with tiredness and pure exhaustion. Well, Bella lives her life with a warm Italian family that has made her part of their family. Rescue work is amazing and thank you Kreible's for giving beautiful Bella another chance. This is what rescue is all about ... Bellisima!!!!!

LouieLouie - December 2011
Louie is a 1 year old Shih ztu that was surrendered to us today Dec, 30th 2011. I guess his size may have been to big for the family as they said they no longer had time to care for him. He got in the car with me and I brought him home, gave him a shower and a full grooming. He was quite matted. His tail wagged the entire time and he has such a sweet personality. I had been emailing those who missed out on the 6 puppies who arived the week prior and along came Tracy who had a 7 y/o shih tzu that dies at a young age. Tracy lived in Milan about an hour from Poochiepals. Tracy informed me that she just happened to be in my area for a birthday party, so she brought her 4 y/o son and her daughter. It was an immediate fit. Louie really was licking the 4 y/o and the family really responded well to Louie. As they left, I knew that god was looking over to bring them to this part of town on this night before 2012 to adopt little Louie. Blessings to the Heath family and Louie!

NeccoPaylee - October 2011
Paylee was adopted to the Theide family. When Paylee arrived, she was surrendered by her family after they realized they were not able to give her enough attention. Paylee was a puppy mill dog living her first 10 months of life chained to an outside stake in the ground. The next family was given Paylee as a gift and just did not have the time needed to give to her. So they brought Paylee to us here at Poochiepals. Now, along comes the Theide family who has a little Maltese named Henry. We are pleased to report that Paylee fit right in and is adjusting wonderfully with the new family. Paylee has a huge nice home with a mom who is around most of the time to adorn her with love. She has an instant doggy brother and all the love she deserves. It took 3 homes but she is home forever now. Paylee is a Havanese/Shih Tzu mix and she is doing very well in her new home. Thank you Terri and Robert of Oxford. You have changed & improved this little girl's life!!

NeccoNecco - October 2011
Good Morning Mrs. Poochiepal Oh my goodness - where do we start with Neeko (Necco)! She's been in our lives less than one year, and she's already running the place! My daughter & husband say all the time, "Good call - We're so glad you went and got her". My husband and I have tried to figure out a diet for her that will make her live at least another 20 years - can't imagine life without her! She brings JOY beyond belief! She is affectionate and cuddly and loves to ROOT under the covers every night to be spooned! She also has the fastest tongue in the world, if you are not careful she will lick your brain via your nose! What sold me on this dog was her original add: she goes potty in a kitty litter box and loves scrambled eggs! This is true as well as a ton more! She goes crazy nuts over the vacuum, windshield wipers, leaf blowers..and the garage door absolutely sets her free! She is hilarious! We go for walks in the evening, she makes it about 1 mile with those tiny little legs - then I pop her into a homemade baby snuggly and we haul-she is SOOO spoiled! In the mornings she became very manipulative guilt tripping us for leaving for work! To make things a bit better I started putting her bed in the sink (as seen in the pic) so we could hang "closer" while I was getting ready! Then I just fold her into the "Green Taco" and lay her in our bed where she hangs until we get home! She loves the taco! "LOVE" is not big enough a word for what she brings to our home! Neeeeky's new family! xoxo

SophieSophie - July 2010
I am so happy to report both, Sophie and Zoe are enjoying their large new yard and our new home! She and Zoe have so much fun exploring and playing outside together! Sophie has really brought a lot of joy and laughter to us. She has become a wonderful companion to Zoe. She is back to her normal weight and she is back to her normal great dane self! Her favorite things include, carrying her frog around the house (and on walks), eating, sleeping, and exploring. She is also quite the alarm clock to Brett and I! Every morning at 7:30 am, she puts her front paws on Brett’s side of the bed and pokes her cold wet nose into him until he moves. If this doesn’t work, she comes to my side. If that fails, then she proceeds to bark/growl at us until we get up! It’s very funny, Brett and I get a kick out of it EVERY morning! J

We are so happy Sophie is part of our family now, we love her very much! I don’t know how anyone could have ever given her up! She will have a forever home with us!

HollyHolly - April 2010
Dear, beautiful Holly. Holly was given to her father as a 70th birthday present. Holly was with the owners for her entire 7 years and the father recently passed away. The children contacted Poochiepals and asked if we could take in a female shih tzu? Of course we could! From the moment we posted Holly's photo on Petfinder.com we had numerous inquiries. It was our thought to keep Holly in a home that would be fluid with what she is used to. We chose the home of Diane and Joe. They are new dog owners & have much time to spend with Holly and get her settled. Holly is coming around everyday but she is a bit confused. Today, we received a joyous email that Holly hopped on their bed and wanted to snuggle so the affection is coming around. It is Easter Sunday and Holly is going to meet her relatives and other dog family. Joe and Diane will endure the changes as Holly adjusts, but each day she will get better and more comfy in her new home. Thank you, to the family that gave us Holly and cared for her well being. We are grateful you brought her to Poochiepals and made the choice to let us place her. God rest your father and bless those that rescue these dogs.

TeakooTeako - March 2010
Little Teako was brought to us by a young couple who had a newborn baby. Teako was a bit scared of how to deal with a new baby so they decided this was best for Teako to go into another home. As we met the couple, they were deeply sad to give up Teako. After many tears and assuring them that Teako will be in good hands, in walked our new adopters, Laurie and Larry. Total dog lovers, they wanted a 4th dog to add to their pet family. We all met, including the family that had given up Teako. It made for a nice adoption as all were emotional. Teako now has 3 siblings and he is very happy. He is doing well, getting adjusted and Laurie and Larry are giving Teako lots of love. This was really a blessing to take in a dog to join 3 others. It doesn't always work out but making no mistakes it is a great family fit. Thank you, Laurie and Larry, for your open hearts.

GusGus - March 2010
Gus was brought to us by his owner of 8 years. Gus is a larger shih tzu and he had to be re-homed because his owner could no longer keep him as they inherited their daughter's dog due to personal reasons. The condo they were in only allowed one dog. So they opted to place Gus in a new home. It was quite sad but Gus did find his new home with Betty. Betty has a beautiful end condo and she wanted to adopt an older shih tzu. At first, Gus was a bit growly and stand offish. Betty assured us she will take gus on daily walks and get him acclimated. With love and understanding, Gus is slowly trusting Betty and knows he has been accepted in his new home. Dogs who are senoirs are really scared and fearful as they entrust us to place them. In this case, Gus is taking slowy but he has been warming up most every day with Betty. We put Betty in touch with Gus's past owner's and this helped quite a bit in her learning more about him.

TotoToto - March 2010
Toto, who came to our rescue, is a tiny 4-pound yorkie that really was in rough shape. He had to be the sweetest innocent soul and so timid he was afraid of his own shadow. Toto, whose name was changed, is now in the home of Lois. Lois has a beautiful condo and a big heart. She wanted to make sure that Toto was healthy and took him immediately to her vet and had him examined and she had Toto on trial to see if he was going to be her next dog. Lo and behold, Lois fell in love w/Toto and opted to adopt this fine fellow. It will be some time for Toto to feel loved and secure. He was terribly neglected and not given the love he so deserved. Toto will rehabilitate in time as he is given a better diet and the love and nuturing all dogs need. Poochiepals wants to thank Lois for being the person she is, and seeing there is a "light" at the end of the tunnel for him. May Lois have many years of joy and love from this little guy. This is what rescue really defines - taking a dog from a poor situation and finding him a renewed spirit in living. When I picture Toto's face and his fragile little body it bring tears to my eyes both of sorrow and happiness he has found his forever beautiful life w/Lois. May god bless this perfect pair!

MacMac - February 2010
Mac, a 7-year-old shih tzu was in need of a new home. His owner David was relocating out of the country and needed to give up his very close companion. Mac was adopted to Judy who happened to inquire and she is loving Mac. Mac has accepted his new home and is doing well in his transition. Judy is a kind and understanding new home that says Mac seems like he always fit right in from day 1. Mac gets plenty of love and attention and he has found his forever home. Mac has well adjusted and has been real good about accepting his new home.

neccoNecco - February 2010
Necco was brought to our rescue as her mom Gloria had to give her up. It was a very sad moment for Gloria and her very loved Necco. Necco is a 2-year-old Chihuhuah and she is used to being an only "child". Necco has been adopted by Monette and her family and they are falling in love with her more everyday. Necco needs a time to adjust and so far so good. As all rescues, people need to understand dogs are full of fear from transitioning into a new home. It is a process. There is no magic wand that will create the perfect dog once the adopters bring their new family member home. Necco was intially adopted out but only given a very short time as the home was not right for her. Along came Monette and Necco is doing very well. We thank those who understand that rescue takes on a whole new meaning as all dogs have things from their past and once they are stable their adjustment can be very quick.

SissySissy - February 2010
Sissy, this sweet little shih tzu came to us as she was all matted and not being given the attention she longed for. After getting her groomed almost all sahved down, her eyes were almost matted shut! She is in her new home with her mommy Sandy. In fact, Sandy gets to celebrate Sissy's 1st birthday with her Feb 19th. Sissy is a real good girl and is the center of attention now and she has a few furry friend relatives who she visits with. Sissy is beautiful especially with her mass of gorgeous fur. Her personality is loving and she bonded with Sandy real fast, thank you, Sandy for hanging in there for Sissy.

MojoMojo - December 2009
Mojo, a tiny little black and white shih tzu was brought into Poochiepals his owner/breeder had a litter of pups and he had a tiny flaw on his tail and decided to give him into our rescue. After over 50 emails for him, we chose a home that is loving and they have attention given to their baby all around the clock, the entire family came over and were thrilled to meet their new addition. Mojo is still very small in size and he had a big brother Kona a Lhaso Apso. Thank you, Fran for the videos of Mojo. He is a little character and fun and playful. May he bring all the joy into your home as cute as can be!!

PookiePookie - November 2009
Pookie, a rescue Pekingnese, was in dire need of a new home. His owner was moving and about to abandon him if we didn't take him. I never met the owner in person but can't imagine just "leaving a dog in an apartment". He had for years was so unfair and in-humane. Maybe it is better we never met or a few choice words may have erupted. Chris May and her husband stepped in quickly and they were going to just foster Pookie for us until Chris asked if she could keep him forever. Without a doubt it ended up that Chris and her husband eventually adopted a second Pekingnese as well and they are all one big happy Family. Pookie had a terrible barking problem, but now he feels secure and his new home is that of a loving stable environment. Thank you, Chris.

BuzzBuzz - November 2009
This precious Havanese, Buzz, was brought to Poochiepals as his owners could no longer care for him. He is a beautiful Havanese and we bonded with him very quickly. He has the love and good spirit and has adjusted in his beautiful new home. Buzz has been given the full run of his home and he is the love of the new owner's life. His mom takes him for walks in all weather conditions and he is very spoiled and well adjusted now. Buzz runs around the home of his new owners and has a very large area to run free. Recently, I went to say hi to him and he came to the window wagging his tail and he seemed so happy and watchful over anyone entering his new home. Buzz, you are a memorable dog and we are so happy we placed you and are being adored by your new family. Who couldn't adore this face?

SashaUpdate on Sasha - November 2009
This little girl was adopted by Jackie of Frankenmuth, MI. Look at this face! This is an updated picture of "Sasha" a Shih tzu/Maltese. Sasha came into Jackie's life at the right time. Jackie lost both her dear parents in the past year and Sasha has been there to comfort her the entire time. Sasha came to Poochiepals as a puppy and she was from an unexpected litter. She was adopted by Jackie and she gets tons of love, goes to work with Jackie and gets strolled around in a stroller! It is amazing what our dogs can pull us through in times of depression and sadness. With Sasha at her side, they have a bond that is what every pet owner should have with their pets. Sasha has two brothers who were adopted out as well at the time and everyone is happy with this most adorable breed of Shih tzu-Maltese mix. Thank you, Jackie!

PoochieKatie & Simon - December 2009
We want to give you an update on Katie and Simon. They now have the radio fence and have about an acre to roam in safety. We are still working on their fear of strangers, but they are coming along real good. Simon has done a complete 180 now whines and crys when we are not in his sight. Katie is still a little independent but they are both very affectionate to us and the extended family. It took about three months for them to learn to play with dog toys. They also are almost house broken...we still use potty pads when the weather is real bad. We don't think they ever played in the snow...they do NOW! There's nothing like watching a Shih Tzu doing 65mph in packed powder!! They had no idea about belly rubs either. We've seen a change in their eyes...they are relaxed and comfortable. Thank you for sending us this email this is what makes rescue all worth it!!

MiloPaddington - December 2009
A Wheaten Terrier was brought into Poochiepals as we have assisted the same family with a placement of their Mini Greyhound and successfully placed him. When we met Paddington, he was and is an unusually sweet dog. He looks right in your eyes and is a total sweetheart. We received tons of emails for him as he was inquired about through all over Michigan and as far away as Florida!! We chose a couple that lives very close to us and they have a Wheaten Terrier and wanted another one after a 5 year space of not having a beloved dog in their life. As soon as Paddington was brought to their home, his tail wagged non-stop. He fit right in and his new owners, Joel and Hillary, just love him. Hillary called us this morning saying how Paddington is a "prince" so sweet and loving and she found the entire adoption surreal as they desired a Wheaten Rescue so much. Paddington is going to have a wonderful life filled with tons of attention and love and that is all we strive for in rescue. Paddington was loved by his former owners but they have a newborn infant and no time to dedicate to him. We thank all the responsible people who give up their dogs because they know they deserve a second chance. Paddington has a whole new life and is going to work with his new dad so he can show his pride of joy to all his friends and co-workers! Thank you Joel & Hillary

PoochieMuffin - December 2009
This little girl lost her only mom due to her death. Muffin was then inherited through the late mother and her son and daughter-in-law. Muffin has moved here from Florida then to assisted-living and then to her 3rd temporary home to feel abandoned and not bonding with the family. Muffin was then brought to Poochiepals. Upon hearing her story, I knew we must get her and find this sweetheart a forever home. We placed Muffin into a home initially and it did not work out. Muffin did not feel the bond and is a stong-willed female. She was just confused and fearful but lo and behold along came two saints literally they have rescued all small dogs now 4 makes up their pack of their furry family. Muffin adjusted just fine, she has a shih tzu sister and two brothers. She has discovered a whole family that loves her and exhibits patience and love, she has shown no signs of aggression or fear she is finally at her forever home and guess what Muffin is eating well and never without a playmate all the time. She is the sweetest girl and a true beauty and good soul.Thank you Dawn and Tom! You are really two wonderful people to have opened your doors to yet another dog as they are dedicated and take excellent care of their pets. Wish Poochiepals had a million adopters like you two!

MiloMilo - September 2009
We received a very sad call from Milo's owner, Al, a widowed man who had Milo for 8 years. His wife passed away and Milo was her dog. Al knew through life changes he would need to make a decision to find Milo a nice loving home. Al had contacted us here and explained how his only connection to his wife was indeed that of little Milo. The manager at my bank knows I do rescue asked if I have any shih tzu's for her neighbor? I then called her neighbor Robert and explained this is a very tough adoption because of the sad circumstances. Robert was completely understanding and lo and behold he adopted Milo. Milo is doing wonderful and he is adjusting very well. Robert is retired and he keeps in touch with Al and Milo has begun to accept his new owner and he loves his new home. He walks daily and he is learning that at 8 years old he is still full of lots of puppy in his temperment and he is a wonderful loving little companion. Thanks to Robert and God bless Al and the love and memory of Al's late wife and Milo who has bonded two strangers together.

PoochiePoochie - September 2009
Meet Poochie ... formerly "Gucci". Poochie was surrendered by a family who plain and simple did not have time for this boy. So many times, we hear "no time" "moving" and other excuses. At least we are thankful they end up with Poochiepals so we can make sure to help these sweet dogs to a better life. Gayle contacted us and she had lost her family pet after many years and she adopted Poochie. He is happily getting lots of love and attention. Gayle says he has a new best friend, their Boxer just loves him. Her extended family takes Gucci for walks and he is already a lapdog. I remember picking him up from his surrendered home. He was all yellowed from urine stains. Now after grooming and lots of shampoo's ... Gayle and her family has made Poochie feel secure and stable. It amazes us how people let their dogs suffer and end up yellow from acidic urine getting deep into thier skin. Thank you, Gayle, for adopting this dog and giving him another chance to love you and your family. His eyes are really brown the camera shot shows his eyes being red and green. He looks lit up for the Holidays!

WillyWilly - September 2009
Willy, this adorable shih tzu was brought to us by a woman who had experienced changes in her life with moves and Willie had 8 hours to spend in a basement during her work hours. We are thankful she was willing to let him experience a much better life. Because of his antisocial behavior, it developed some fear within him. It was a hard choice for the previous owner and her kids but she felt that Willie could lead a better life with more attention. Along came Ina, a retired woman, who worked with special needs children for over 40 years. Ina was retiring and her extended family decided to give Ina a "companion" to devote her now free time with. Ina has done a wonderful job rehabilitating and working with Willy. Ina has been most willing to do anything to make this little boy happy. After two torn up crates and Willy's anxiety of being left alone, he is coming around slowly. Ina is a very special adopter and we thank her and her niece Amy, who was true in letting us know what a great home Willy would have for the rest of his life.Willie's previous owner contacts us here to find out how he is as she misses him dearly and is sad she had to give him up. Thank you!! All our kisses to Willy the wonderdog!

SunnySunny - August 2009
This brussells/shih tzu mix was an hour from being euthanized when Poochiepals arrived to rescue him. Sunny was a runaway stray. One of our volunteers let us know his story and we immediately acted. Sunny was in a dark long hallway cramped in a cage on death row. He was one of many put through the "system" and forgot about until his death day. I personally went and got this boy. He had no name. When I put him on his leash and saw his face light up in the sun I named him Sunny. He was brought to a groomers and a vet for his updated shots. Sunny was placed with a family that has a very large rescue dog named Romeo. After two grueling weeks with Sunny with his distrust and nipping, he is finally settling in. Thank you, Chevillet's, for your patience and endurance for this dog's future life. Sunny was a tough one and he had a hard, rough past from what we could gather. The Chevillet's knew his fate if they gave up on him.

DudleyDudley - August 2009
Dudley is a sweet Bichon/Shih Tzu mix who was brought to us by a sad family. With too many changes and not having the bond with Dudley they hoped for, they surrendered him to Poochiepals. Kristen and Chris came to us looking for about a month and took one look at Dudley's picture and fell in love with him. They came over and their young daughter climbed right into a crate that belongs to Dudley and there was an instant bond! Dudley is doing well and has found his new forever home! We thank the Smith's for welcoming Dudley into their home and lives!

BeauBeau - June 2009
Beau, a shih tzu male was surrendered to us as his family could no longer care for him. Along came Henrean, a wonderfully well-informed woman who had researched the shih tzu breed. She took to Beau right away and introduced little Beau to her cat. Henrean gets out daily to walk Beau and he is adjusting rather well. When Henrean first contacted Poochiepals, we knew she was ready to take on this commitment. Beau has become the love of her life and she is so proud to be a shih tzu mom! Thank you, Henrean, for adopting little Beau and for the referrals too! May Beau and you and kitty be blessed.

MaxxMaxx and Sassy - July 2009
This is Maxx (on the left). He was in need of a home as his pwner could no longer care for this adorable little guy. When the Shain's found out we had another Maltese, they immediately contacted Poochiepals to inquire. Without hesitation, as Jan and Boris are a wonderful family and love their dogs, they now have three, we were thrilled to adopt Maxx to them as Maxx and Sassy (another of our rescue Maltese) and their 13-year-old larger dog, Shadow, are all one big happy family. Jan has sent such kind emails and truly appreciates these new additions to her family. Because of the Shain's, two misplaced Maltese young dogs have become bonded and loved beyond their expectations. Thank you to the Shain's for opening their home to our rescues.

Mario and MiaMario and Mia - July 2009
These two cuties were brought to us by thier owner. It was not easy for the owner to give them up as these two were bonded and we aimed to keep them together. Along came Tricia and her family from Cleveland. They were in love at first sight. We got to know each other through many emails and phone calls and they are an awesome family. This is Tricia's two daughters with (Mia) the Yorkie and (Mario) the Pom mix. The family lets us know it is as if these two dogs were made for their family. They have a beautiful new home and have plenty of love. One of our very Happy Tails as we achieved our goal to keep the two together and have a lovely family, too. Thank you for making a change in these dogs lives!

RileyRiley - July 2009
This Yorkie was oh so shy and timid. He was brought to us by his owner who couldn't care for him. Riley was highly stressed and very sensitive towards new people. Along came Barb and Don who adopted Riley. Barb is patiently working with him to make him comfortable and a loving dog. So far, he is adjusting and sleeping right next to Barb and he will be traveling in the winter to Florida. Riley's new adventures are just around the corner. Thank you to Barb and Don, for giving it your all with Riley as your new family member!

ApolloApollo - May 2009
This is Apollo. He is our distant cousin puppy. Apollo is Louie's brother (Pic below). Apollo is a Japanese Chin-tzu and he is loved by his new family. Thank you, Julie, for adopting this sweet boy. Just look at his face what a cutie! Julie reports to us he is doing great and is an amazing little guy. These are rare puppies that came into our rescue. Due to this economy, we were given the chance to find the homes for these most rare lovable pups and we did. Apollo loves everyone he meets and people stop the family when out in public to always ask, "What kind of dog is he"? Apollo's new family, the Bayer's, love and adore him. We keep in touch and the woman who bred them loves to hear from us as well to hear how much these two boys are loved!!!

Ollie NemoOllie and Nemo - May 2009
Ollie and Nemo have melted the hearts of their new owner's. They have three adults as their parents. Debbie wrote us to ask if we would consider them together for her and her mom and dad. We were overjoyed to know after speaking with Deb, how confident she made us feel that these two puppies were going to a wonderful loving home. These puppies were rescued from a large breeder in Kentucky and the only good result was they got a great home together and the breeder is no longer going to breed anymore litters, as she decided putting them into a rescue would be best for these two cuties. Thank you for your adoption of these two boys and many years of health and happieness.

KallieKallie - May 2009
Kallie, a female shih tzu is as sweet as can be. She came from a life of breeding and her future was dim as she was kept in a kennel her entire life. Poochiepals took her in and found a new home for her with Roseanne. When we met Roseanne and brought Kallie to her new home, she explored and sniffed around and we let her in her new fenced in yard. Watching Kallie in the backyard in the sunset could bring tears to anyone's eyes. Kallie is doing well and loves her one on one attention in her beautiful new home. She is such a loyal girl and so appreciative of her new home. Thank you, Roseanne and may you beblessed with good health and lots of lasting memories with Kallie!

PepeLouie - May 2009
Louie, as he was named is a Japanese Chin Shih Tuz puppy. When we knew he was coming into our rescue, I immediately called my brother who lives in New York to look at his picture. My brother took one look at his picture and said "How do I get him"? Next thing I knew, he was on a flight to Detroit to take a day trip to pick up his new family member. My brother, Stuart, and his family have never had a dog and I knew it was not an impulse, he was looking for a dog for my niece Lila for her birthday. Louie had dramatically changed their lives. They are total dog lovers now and doing a great job at being responsible and feeling the dog love on a whole "new' level. Louie loves his new life and I thank my brother, Stuart, for making this committment and his family. The nice part is to meet up with Louie again someday really soon!

TrevorTrevor - May 2009
Trevor, a misplaced shih tzu male never had much of a life, except the confines of a kennel outside situation. We were contacted and asked to place this 1 1/2 year old boy into a loving home. Trevor was adopted and placed into a wonderful home with two other shih tzu's. He now lives on 11 acres with two playfriends and can live his life amongst family and love. He is a beautiful boy who is shy and he is starting to come around every day.He has made his new family very happy and enjoying his new home. This once sad faced shih tzu is now happy and doing well.

SnugglesSnuggles - May 2009
Snuggles is a little shih tzu who was immediatly claimed from our rescue from Diane. Snuggles has a big brother named Cuddles and Diane loves her shih tzu's as much as life itself. Poochiepals had no doubts as Diane is a true dog lover and provides a life for her dogs that all shih tzu owner's should. They are her "kids". We thank Diane for rescuing this shih tzu puppy that has adapted so well. Diane sends us these emails that are all custom and colorful and it cheers up our day anytime we recieve them. Diane truly is appreciative to have these two shih tzu's in her life, as we are to have her as one of our happy adopters. Thanks Diane! Love to Cuddles and Snuggles, just the names alone tell it all!

TobyToby - May 2009
This little puppy came to us as an unexpected litter. The owner did not want to try to sell these puppies, so she put them into our rescue as we immediatly found them wonderful homes. Toby is Hannah's - this sweet young lady who wanted a dog and this was her birthday suprise. Hannah is so enthusiatic over the arrival of her new best friend that she entered a contest for cutest puppy and is awaiting the results. Toby is living with a way larger dog named Rocky, also a rescue and they sleep side by side even though Toby is so tiny. Thank you, to Hannah and family and Carmen for your rescue of this puppy.

PepePepe - May 2009
Oh how we loved this tiny sweetheart, Pepe is so innocent and was born into a life of a mass breeder, in a kennel-type of life. We rehabilitated this boy and by the time Betty his new mom came to claim him, he was ready to be a pet, not a breeding animal. Pepe is with Betty and her cats and he is adjusting and getting used to his new surroundings. We loved his little tongue and his little feisty personality. Betty ensured us she will provide a great home for this boy and we think about Pepe all the time. Thank you, Betty for blessing this wonderful shih tzu.

JulesJules - May 2009
This black shih tzu female came from a large breeder who used her just for breeding. Our rescue joined with Bruce (a complete shih tzu lover) who fosters these lovable dogs. He worked with her and got her in good health and over her fears and improved her diet and interaction on a daily basis. Jules was adopted by Sarah who will make sure Jules has a good life ahead and she will never be used for breeding or in bad conditions ever again. Jules was in a cage and she came in malnourished. Bruce made sure she made complete strides before letting her go. Thank you to Sarah for adopting Jules and we hope she and Gizmo, Sarah's male shih tzu, are all a happy family!

AbbyAbby - May 2009
Abby, this sweet little girl has been in a few homes in her short life. She was given a chance to settle in with Jane, who is devoted to Abby and her sweet spirit. Abby is used to being with many shih tzu's and Jane has a small dog with whom Abby has become playmates. Abby is settling in comfortably and is being shown lots of love and attention as she transitioned very well into Jane's family.

WalleyWalley - May 2009
Walley was brought to us as he was stuck in a cage for 20 hours a day. His owner's work schedule changed and they had no time to dedicate to Walley. He is going to be 1 year old May 11th, so his new family can celebrate his 1st birthday with him! A young active couple from Port Huron came over to meet and adopt Walley. They are true animal lovers and can't wait to give Walley the love he deserves and has not received since his birth. Thank you to Andrew and Miki who came from Port Huron to bring this sweet smiley puppy into their lives, Miki is a runner and now has a new running mate!! Thanks for supporting our rescue, many Happy years with Walley!

JakeJake - May 2009
This sweet Shih-poo is a puppy that came to us from an unexpected litter. He is such a sweetie and has made the Eno family very happy. The Eno's are new dog owners and were excited to add Jake to their home. Jake is a Shih-poo and he has grown fond of the kids and is being loved, he sleeps with the kids in thier bed - a great start to a new life. Jake is healthy and happy and rescued from a situation that could have been a life of being used for breeding purposes. Jake had siblings arrive as well with him and they are loving their puppies as well. Who wouldn't - look at his adorable face!

Molly - April 2009
Molly a very pretty Bolognese was brought to our rescue fully overgrown and matted and her leg looked as if it was broken as she was limping. We feel Molly was neglected and kept in a garage as she was very nervous and unstable in her previous home environment. Along came Marlene and Arnie. Marlene is a wonderful dedicated pet owner and her love for Molly has changed and rehabilitated Molly completely. Molly was shaved down and brought to the vet to assess her leg; it is healing and her stability and love and the comfort she feels is making Molly a perfect fit for Marlene and her husband. The nice thing is we get to see Molly and Marlene as they live so close to our rescue. Marlene recently told me that Molly has brought such joy into her life. Bless Marlene for rescuing Molly from a poor quality of life.

MissyFoxy - April 2009
This little Yorkie-poo was surrendered to us. She is just 6 months old and the owner was in tears as she was forced to move and could not keep her dog. She knew Foxy would have the life she deserved and trusted us to find her very loved puppy a forever home. Along came the Forte's. When we conducted our phone interview, I could hear in Sharon's voice how much they needed to have a sweet puppy like Foxy. They had lost their Lhaso Apso of many years just 2 weeks prior and could not be without a dog. The Forte's are enjoying this adorable little girl and she is appreciated greatly. We know this home is going to be full of love for Foxy!

ChewyChewy - April 2009
Chewy was adopted to Christina and Rich and they are learning the parenthood of puppies. Chewy was brought to Poochiepals as their owners could not care for him due to the economy. This little boy has a wonderful home with loving children and his friend a "chinchilla". Chewy is learning to be part of the family as they are getting attached and love this little guy. He is so cute, who could not? Chewy's personality is coming alive as he is getting comfortable in his new forever home. Thank you, Rich and Christina, for rescuing this little puppy!

Bridget & KellyBridget & Kelly - April 2009
These two sweet female shih tzu's were adopted by the O'Donnells of Chicago. Bridget and Kelly are having a wonderful life growing together and the family lives right across from one of Chicago's largest "Bark Parks". These little pups were unexpected and the owner gave them up to our rescue as we do get in primarilly shih tzu's. The owner Katherine & her husband love their two little females and so does her grandchildren in this pic. These dogs have added a new light in their life and they get cuter everyday. They are our first Irish Shih Tzu's. Katherine drove far to get these two girls as they live in a great area that is so dog friendly there will never be a dull moment for these two cuties! Thank you to the O'Donnell's!

ChewyChewy - April 2009
Chewy, our Maltipoo, was full of anxiety and fear when he arrived. We calmed him down, made him feel love and stability and treated him with love and kindness. He was in 3 homes in his short life and we believe he was abused and kicked as his front paw was broken and deformed. It still does not stop Chewy from being playful and running. We treated Chewy for an infection of his tail and have changed his diet. Along came Sandi, a kind animal lover and her son and fiance. They welcomed Chewy and he is doing quite well. Despite chewing through leashes and being a little scared he is adjusting well. Thank you Sandi & Family for giving your brand new home a new "addition". Chewy just needs some unconditional love and understanding and he now has it!

SashaSasha - April 2009
This precious baby girl Shih-Malt came to us with her litter mates. This litter was an "oops"! The young lady who had these pups did not have the ability to sell them, so Poochiepals was contacted. Thanks to Jackie who came from Frankenmuth to adopt "Sasha". Jackie brings Sasha to work daily and is so happy to have the companion of a puppy in her life once again, being she was at a loss when her beloved dog passed away. This will bring new life into Jackie's life and Sasha now is employed - she reports to her mom's work place daily! Enjoy this little sweet girl she is truly beautiful.

Buster & ButchBuster & Butch - March 2009
These little puppies came through our rescue as they were from an unexpected litter. As you can see, this man im and his wife Rose are literally in love with their two adopted male shih tzu's. Jim has not stopped thanking us for his new additions and he is such a proud father to these two adorable guys and did not hesitate to keep the two boys together. Through their adoption, it inspired the two females to be adopted together as well. Shih Tzu's do very well together. Thank you for giving these two surprise puppies a wonderful home and life! Jim the owner is as sweet as these two precious boys!

MissyMissy - March 2009
Missy was brought to Poochiepals, as the lady who is a groomer somehow rescued Missy herself. Missy became her dog but she had too many dogs and decided to ask us to assist. I ensured this kind woman who took very good care of Missy we would find Missy a great home. Lo and behold, a great older newly-wed couple adopted Missy as soon as we arrived at their very nice inviting home. Missy, we could tell, was nervous and insecure from having three homes but this is it. She is showered with love and her new mom and dad who have no kids treat Missy as their daughter. She has added that special place in their life together, Missy is happily doing very well.

WinstonWinston - March 2009
Sweet Winston, a shih tzu, that was such a sweetie. This boy was rescued from a family that lost their home to foreclosure and could not keep a dog in their new rental home. We went to rescue him as there was a snowstorm and it was a long drive and we knew if we didnt get there Winston would have been put in a pound that day. We got all his shots up to date and he arrived very nervous and scared, but we made him comfortable and loved and he was adopted to a couple who drove out to adopt him in a snowstorm. Winston is so loved and he has a little shih tzu sister. The Greshman's love Winston and he is the light of their life. We speak often and they express that Winston felt like he has always been part of their family.

BethanyBethany - February 2009
Bethany, a sweet mixed terrier, was a puppymill survivor. Poochiepals drove out to rescue her immediately as her breeder was ready to actually take her out back and shoot her. Why? Just because they deemed her as "ugly" and useless. She was so fearful when we picked her up as she was mistreated - poor girl. She came to us with an eye infection we cleared up. Cindy, a young lady, had contacted us and expressed interest in Bethany. I brought this soulful 1 year old puppy to Cindy's. As soon as Cindy came to the door, she lit up seeing Bethany. There was no doubt that Cindy thought Bethany was the most beautiful puppy she ever saw! "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" the only ugly one in this scenario is that awful puppymill breeder. Cindy is a great person as is her entire family who adjusted Bethany to their warm inviting home and now Cindy and I have become friends. Another life saved by blessed people like Cindy and her entire family.

RogerRoger - March 2009
Roger, this 5 y/o miniature Dachsund was in need of a new home. Roger's owners could no longer care for the little guy as they needed to free up from the responsibility of pet ownership. They loved Roger but wanted to travel so they felt he would do best with more attention. Without judgement, we found a new home for Roger with a man named William who was searching for the right Dachsund on petfinder for quite some time. William adopted Roger and is enjoying the companionship of his new friend Roger. William will take little Roger for vacations as they are planning to relocate to Vegas. Roger is off to his new venture in his life! He is the sweetest and smartest Dachsund with a very nice personality getting lots of love from this older retired man.

MikeyMikey - March 2009
Mikey, a male shih tzu, who was found running the streets in Georgia as a stray was, taken in by a Michigan family. They brought Mikey back and after 6 months could no longer care for him. That is when we were contacted. Mikey came to us very matted and unhappy as he lacked attention. He was part of a family that basically were hoarding too many animals. Although the family from Michigan took him in, he was not given the one on one attention he needed. Mikey spent a great deal of time with us here at home at Poochiepals. We fell in love with him. Along came Dolores and Jim from Salem, Ohio and made the trip here to adopt Mikey. Dolores is tickled pink. They are an older couple who have made Mikey the center of their entire world. Dolores emails pics all the time and takes Mikey to her job at the church to meet the entire staff. They all adore this sweet little shih tzu.

MaggieMaggie - March 2009
Meet this female puppy shihpoo Maggie. Maggie was given up as her previous owner did not feel a "bond" with her. Hard to believe, but her previous owner had two other dogs and this puppy was too rambunctious with the other older dogs. Dorothy's daughter emailed us looking for a dog for their mother who had just lost her beloved pet and still have a Bichon Frise missing his sister. We arrived at Dorothy's home and Maggie immediatly took to Dorothy's heart. She was so happy and Ozzy, her Bichon's tail, was wagging too. A great new home with Dorothy and her daughter. Maggie is now in a happy home. Maggie is pictured here in the lap of her new owner with her dog Ozzie and her granddaughter. Thank you for saving another dog!

Simon and KatieSimon and Katie - March 2009
This brother and sister shih tzu pair were in a home that quite frankly we are not sure how they were treated. We know Simon had major aggression issues. He is fearful where his sister Katie is very docile. We looked forward when we were met by Greg and Patti of Erie, Pennsylvania. This couple drove in 8 hours to come to adopt Simon and Katie, the entire ride home the dogs were tired and relieved. When Greg and Patti got the two home, Simon was showing signs of growling and aggression to the point they were fearful of keeping him. With patience and love and knowing they got this brother and sister out of a bad homelife, Greg and Patti endured and we have spoken. The dogs are making progress and starting to trust they will never be mistreated. Bless Greg and Patti for thier kindness. They in turn have two beautiful young shih tzu's that will become loving and trusting each day.

RudyRudy - March 2009
Sweet little Rudy, a 6-month Maltipoo came to us as he was in a cramped apartment and unable to exert his energy and the owner knew it was hard to give him up. She treated Rudy very well but wanted a better life for the little guy. Rudy was adopted by the Angott's. Their son Jack has wanted a puppy and when he walked in, Rudy took to Jack instantly. Mark (Jack's father) assured us Rudy will be spoiled and treated very well and they have provided a nice home for Rudy to grow up with their son. Rudy is one of the sweetest baby boys we have had here and we received over 50 emails for him. Thank you Angott's. Enjoy this wonderful little puppy!

TaterTater - March 2009
This poor boy was shuffled between 3 different homes before PoochiePals was contacted. Thank you, Barbara and Larry Rose, for adopting Tater. As soon as the Roses' came over, Tater's tail did not stop wagging. We all realized he had found his match. This will now be Tater's forever loving home.

RoscoRosco - March 2009
This shih tzu is a sweet boy who had a hard start in his young life where he was crated 14 hours a day. He was surrendered to us as we knew we could find him a great home and we did. Thank you, Ellis family. Roger and his family love him and is an avid shih tzu lover. Roger told us he felt Rosco had been in his family his entire life he adjusted so well. As soon as the Ellis's arrived to meet this boy, he clicked immediately - it was a doggy match made in heaven. Now Rosco can feel stable as he was rehomed twice already. He is a beauty too!

AprilApril - March 2009
April, a very sweet Bichon Lhaso mix female, was in need of a home. Her owner has to go into a retirement home and was sad to see her go. April was brought over to the home of the VanDoorn's who also rescued a very sweet black Poodle named Truman. Truman and April bonded right from the time we arrived. Tails wagging everywhere and what a nice giving family. April was scared at first as she only knew one home but the VanDoorn's are able to walk the two together and spend lots of time with their new "girlfriend" for their Truman. Thank you for adopting April and making her life bright again!

CheechCheech - March 2009
Smiles all around! This is Cheech and Kong two yorkie male mixes. Cheech is on the left and he fit right in. He was surrendered to Poochiepals as his mom could not care for him and give him the attention he needed. Along came the Kobus family. When they came over to meet Cheech, they were a bit hesitant but their adorable little dog has found his playmate as they are bonded. Now Cheech gets all the attention he needs in his dog loving forever home, thank you for this adoption. Cheech will never be crated and feel lonely again! They look like twins!

LilleyLilley - January 2009
Our young puggle puppy so sweet...she was surrendered to us when her owners could not accept the responsibility. That is when Corey and Leah from Ohio claimed her as their new baby girl. When Corey arrived from Ohio, Lilley was hooked and so was he. She sat right in Corey's lap and really hasn't budged since! She is living in a nice loving home and the Daddy's little girl. There was no doubt in our minds Lilley was in the best home possible. She is a sweet beautiful girl!

Rusty Rusty - December 2008
This little boy is so sweet and he is partially blind. Along came Lori who loves the shih tzu breed. Lori took Rusty into her home and she has 3 other shih tzu's that have made Rusty part of their family. Rusty, despite his vision, is being loved and adored and it takes a special person to commit to a special needs dog. Thank you, Lori and family for a successful adoption. Lori spoils this little one and has patience beyond belief. God bless all our adopters!

BrodieBrodie - December 2008
Our Yorkie, just 2, was placed with a family that adores him. Brodie, oh so cute, had a hard start in life, being shuffled from a breeder to two different homes and not given the attention he desired. Brodie hops into the lap of his new family. He has a nice new Mom and Dad and two teenage girls about his age in dog years who will give him all the love he longs for. Thank you, Patty and Wes! Your persistance and desire for Brodie brought him into your arms!

BuddyBuddy - December 2008
Kaylie, a brave young woman who entrusted PoochiePals with finding a new home for her late mother's most treasured companions, Buddy, the sweetest 6-year-old shih tzu and Sophie, a 5-year-old female Pekingnese. We quickly found wonderful new families for both dogs who are doing great, being spoiled and nurtured in their new homes!

CoCoCoCo - December 2008
Amy, who adopted CoCo, a Yorkie mix that PoochiePals had became so attached to, it was difficult to let this little 5-pound boy go. But when Amy arrived to adopt CoCo, there was no question he had found his doggy mom. Amy regularly emails us the cutest pictures of CoCo enjoying life with her new family!

 Trixie Trixie - December 2008
We took in his bichon/lhaso mix female. Her owner was forced to move to an apartment and could not bringTrixie, with her and her children, with them. Trixie was adopted to her new family just before Christmas. They drove from over an hour, late on a snowy night. Trixie has a great new family and 5 kids to spoil her along with a grandfather. She is loved dearly and they have sent emails how happy they are. Bless You, Eagle family!

DustyDusty - January 2009
Thank you, Shi, for adopting "Dusty". Our tiny, scared shih tzu, who had never felt trust towards people and was skittish. Shi and her family are first-time dog owners and were hesitant at first, but after some bonding and love in her heart, Shi has made Dusty a member of her loving family.

VinnieVinnie - February 2009
This fun-loving Italian Greyhound was brought to Poochiepals as the owner had to surrender him to us after 8 years. She had a life change that forced her to give him up. Patricia, his new mom, adopted Vinnie and is continuing to make him comfortable in his new surroundings. He has a playmate named Freckles, a Border Collie and the dogs are getting along very well. Patricia is an animal lover and she is working with Vinnie and enjoying her new addition. Thank you, Patricia!

QueenieQueenie - November 2008
This was a real rescue in every sense of the word. This shih tzu, a puppy mill dog, was so nervous when we got her in Indiana and she was in a crate, so traumatized she was severely-matted and never even stepped on the ground and would pace nervously back and forth in shock over her traumatic life. Queenie was held for awhile and taught that love does exist, she was kept housed and taken care of by a most compassionate lover of animals. We found Queenie a home with a 91 year old lady who came over through the snow with her loving son Dwayne you would never know this was the same dog. She is loved so much and has transformed into a true Queen.Thank you for giving her a chance at life. Queenie our strong Puppymill survivor!

RozieRozie - November 2008
This precious timid little girl was a true puppy mill survivor. She came to us very scared and she was little miss manners. She was so close to being euthanized because she is an older female who had her share of litters. Thanks to Bonnie - a true Yorkie lover - she came forth from quite a ways and she will keep us posted on the progress. Lola has a new brother a silky terrier and another yorkie sister. Thank you Bonnie for ensuring this little girl has her life ahead of her with your love.

With so many happy stories about such open and giving people, its easy to understand why rescue is so rewarding for all whose lives are touched by these wonderful dogs and puppies.

Thank you all for connecting with PoochiePals and blessing us with such satisfying work.

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