Poochie Pal's newest arrival ~ Rescued July 24, 2019               We welcome our little girl, "Zuki" πŸ’Ÿ into our personal family. Just 1 year old, she fits in perfect. It's a miracle! 🐾🐾



Bringing forever homes to small dogs year-round!

Hello all - Poochiepals is doing more than rescuing cute little dogs. We're working day & night bringing animal abusers to justice. We are advocating legislation for new laws for ALL dogs to be protected from abuse. To engage this cause, we need DONATIONS. We're pleased to announce our recent transfer partnership with the Michigan Humane Society.

Our Mission

We are a small breeds rescue team, working one-on-one with each adoptee to ensure a permanent home for displaced dogs that need new homes.

The continuing work of PoochiePals involves:

  •     - One-on-one adoption services
        - We accept pet surrenders if you're in need of giving up your pet
        - Proper medical treatment administered through local Vets
        - Our dogs are treated like royalty
        - We carefully place each dog with follow-up visits


       Fuji       Dog pic

Every time I watch this, it brings tears to my eyes.