To Kathy Morley - October 30, 2016
Honoring your best friend Ollie, a generous donation has been made in remembrance of the joy he brought into your life. Your dear friends, Sharon & Herb Bidlofsky and Mona Rickart want to wish you happiness and a joyous wedding day!
Poochiepals was honored to be able to always help share the memory of 8 y/o Ollie.
To you and your new husband, Mark Morley, many years of happiness together.
God = Dog.

The World of TravelPoochiepals Rescue would like to extend a special "Thank You" to an avid dog lover Sheri Langwald, for her generous donations made to help our little dogs. For any and ALL travel needs:
Please call Sheri @ Business Development Manager
The World of Travel 860 W. Long Lake Rd.
Suite 100
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
P 248 203-0022
F 248 203-0303

We are so inspired by the new show "The Diamond Collar"
To: James & Lena a shout out to Brooklyn NY for a great job!