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We follow a process to insure that we make compatible matches for each of our dogs and their potential families.

If you have any questions, email is the quickest way to get them answered.
Please be patient with our volunteers as they have full time jobs and families.

FIRST STEPFill out Adoption Application and email to:
If you have problems downloading application, send email and request one to be sent to you.
Everyone interested in adoption must fill out the application.

SECOND STEP:  GLMSR reviews application and contacts you.

THIRD STEP:  Foster Mom schedules a time for you to meet the dog at the foster home.  Usually the foster home city is listed.  If not, just ask we will be happy to tell you.  We ask that once you meet the dog, sleep on it for 24 hrs. and then email or phone the foster mom stating your interest in the dog.  If you are not interested, please let us know so we can continue to the next interested family.  You will not hurt our feelings if you feel the dog is not a match for you.  Our most important priority is to make a compatible match.  The "right" one just might be the "next" one.  It's been known to happen!

FOURTH STEP:  Foster mom does home check.  Not to worry.  This is not white glove inspection, it is to make sure there are no gaps in fences, plants toxic to dogs, etc.  

FIFTH STEP:  Foster mom does vet check and reference check.

SIXTH STEP:  If all goes well to this point, an adoption date is set.  Family goes to foster home to sign contract, pay adoption fee, and take new family member home!  Be sure to bring a leash and collar!

The entire process on average takes about two to three weeks depending on distance of adopter and scheduling suitable times to meet.

If you have any questions about this process, please email: and I will be happy to answer them.   

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