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This page is dedicated to the loving mini schnauzer fosters whom we have had to give up to Rainbow Bridge.  We are confident that one day we will be joyfully reunited with them and will play with them free of ailment and pain. 
We look forward to that day. 
Until then, we remember them with love and are happy to have been in their life to give them whatever comfort we could, for however long or short that may have been.


She came to us with her daughter.  We had hoped they would get adopted together but Pepper was so much older, 12 1/2 yrs old. 
She liked to hop around the yard with the other dogs and act like she was keeping up with them.  She was quite comical actually and was a delight to have around.
She stayed with foster mom for a little more than 1 1/2 years. Then her quality of life became poor, she had doggie alzheimer, occasionally had seizures, couldn't keep her crate clean, drank lots and lots of water, and lost a considerable amount of weight. 
It was the hardest decision for foster mom to make, but decisions of unselfish love are always the hardest.  The day Pepper came to her foster home she promised she would take care of Pepper until the end, thinking, hoping that meant until she was adopted.  Foster mom cared for her until her last breath 1 1/2 years later and held her while she went home to Rainbow Bridge.

Bandit is a 9 year old charcoal grey/black mini who came to us the beginning of November.  We rescued him from an animal control shelter with his sister.  He was a real sweet, lovable guy, but a bit on the lethargic side, and kind thin around the waist and ribs.  He didn't look well, but we hoped it was only the transition from home to shelter since he was an owner surrender.  Once to foster mom's he constantly threw up.  Again we thought maybe it was the new dog food since we couldn't do the desired slow food transition because at the animal control shelter they feed whatever they have on hand.  So we fed him our premium dog food and hoped for the best.  Foster mom took him to the vet, watching every penny because our account is at near zero. The vet said an x-ray is in order because she felt something near his liver.  Dreaded diagnosis, liver cancer. His tumor was so large it was pushing on his stomach and pushing it up into his back such that he was basically starving himself, probably in pain too. This was why he was throwing up every day and had little or no appetite.  Unfortunately, this tumor was growing before he came to animal control and was rather large by the time our vet found it.  We tried long and hard to get the previous vet records but to no avail.  We could have saved Bandit a lot of pain and our foster mom heartache if we had had them.  Also we have lost $208 that we cannot use to rescue another  schnauzer who needs a home. 
Bandit is now free of pain and foster mom is trying to heal from the difficult decision of giving him up to Rainbow Bridge.  This is a heart wrenching decision for a foster mom when "rescue" is our deal.

Cole was about 5 years old, a black mini and came to us when a raid was done on a filthy kennel and the animals were in unhealthy, abhorrent conditions.  Cole was a sweetheart and a trooper, but he was so sick and emaciated, it would have been selfish to try to insist he stay around.  With love and mercy, we gave him up to Rainbow Bridge, we knew he would have joy and company until we could meet again. 
Thank you Cole for crossing our path.

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