Thank You!

Making Miracles would like to thank everyone who participated in our annual bowling event. Whether you donated time or baskets, came to bowl, or just came to browse the beautiful donated baskets, your support means everything to us. We hope you had a good time with friends or made new ones and enjoyed the evening with us as much as we enjoyed you.

The good news is we made $3800 which will go a long way to helping our medical bills. That’s about $1000 more than last year, so it looks like this event keeps growing and we hope to see you again next year. Now the not so good news. We had a few glitches this year that we would like to apologize for:
1) We ran out of Pizza. We should have had more than enough and would have except some people thought that It was all you can eat Instead of 2 slices. Next year we will be more vigilant. Also, somehow the other bowlers thought they were included and as busy as the staff was, they did not see this. We offered to comp food from the concession stand, but I understand not everyone was notified of this. So we are deeply sorry for this and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again.
2) We ran out of cake. We did not expect as many people as we had. Quite a few came at the last minute. Someone suggested 2 cakes or a cake and cupcakes next year - which we will do.
3) We will order the pizzas much earlier. Again, we are truly sorry for these problems and, rest assured, they will not happen again. Also, if you have any other suggestions please let us know.

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