Bingo Fundraiser-Making Miracles Animal Rescue
Saturday, November 17, 2018
American Legion
46146 Cass Ave, Utica
West of Old Van Dyke, between Hall Rd & 21 Mile
Doors Open 5:30 PM
Bingo begins 6:15 PM
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Beagle/Golden/Hound Pups ????
Born 7-27-2018
8 pups 4 boys, 4 girls

Will not be shown at PetSmart because they are too young..
Please fill out an application and, if approved, the foster will call and make arrangements for a private meet and greet.

For more info: email:

Addie (F) - our smallest and most independent girl. She seems to the most beagle-sized & a has a beagle personality. She will need a fence and LOTS of attention. She would probably like a friend to play with and is eight weeks old as of 9/20/18.
Agatha (F) - was the first and the biggest, but shouldn’t get over 35-45 lbs. She has Beagle and possibly Golden, but with her short little legs, she probably won’t be very tall. She was born 7-2-18 and is very sweet and agreeable and she will need a fence.
Alfie (M) - Alfie tends to be the worrier of the group. He’s the smallest boy and is more interested in a lap than an adventure. He is part beagle and will need a fence. He would also benefit with a canine friend to reassure & teach him the ropes. He’s eight weeks (as of 9/20/18) and ready to go soon.
Aimee (F) - is a very sweet and quiet young lady born 7-27-18 and this ball of fluff likes nothing more than a good snuggle. She’s not as big as she looks with all that fluff and shouldn’t get over 40-45 lbs. She will need a physical fence as she is part Beagle and she would prefer another dog to play with.
Anabel (F) - is a fun & playful eight week old and does well with the others. Being part beagle she will need a fence and also lots of training. She should enjoy walks but may be a bit short legged for serious runners.
Arrow (M) - is an easy going but very busy little boy who has figured out he’s too short to climb the fence so he’s venturing into excavation and will need a fence that reaches the ground, He’s primarily Beagle, bone 7-27-2018 and should weigh around 35-45 lbs.
Astro (M) - is a typical middle child, born 7-27-18 and best guess is he will be between 35-45 lbs.  He’s easy going and just goes with the flow. He’s part Beagle with short legs and both parents have a bit of Golden & Hound look. With that combination, he will definitely need a fence.
Augie (M) - At eight weeks, Auggie is a snuggly little bundle of beagle and something fluffy. He is the smallest in his litter and the one most needing a friend to hold his paw. He would do best with a canine companion. The lucky adopter must have a fence. He should be between 35 and 45 pounds.

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