Shepherd Mix Puppies
Born 9-16-18

Physical fenced yards are required, kids over 7 & a plan for daycare or dog walker if away from home for more than 4 hours (at this age in their lives anyway). They will need to be enrolled in puppy classes and continue with basic obedience classes in order to reach their full potential.
As they’re not allowed to be shown at Petsmart until they’re spayed/neutered, please submit an application. If the application is approved, we will contact you to set up a meet and greet.

For more info: email:

Blossom (F) - Curious girl into everything and all over you. Just a blast.
Bonsai (M) - Is a sweet, shy guy who needs someone to hold his precious paw while he cautiously explores his world.
Ceder (F) - Is sweet but will need extra attention and training to be the best.
Elmer (M) - Fiesty, friendly, fun & cuddly. Likes kids.
Maple (F) - Is a very independent and playful little girl. You'll never be bored.
Mulberry (F) - Is an adorable, fluffy, cuddly 8 week old Shepherd Mix puppy looking for her forever home.
Poppy (F) - Is a curious, brave little girl, Not afraid to explore the world around her..

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