Adoption Application

4 Paws 1 Heart is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization which funds medical treatment for abandoned, abused, and stray companion animals. 4 Paws 1 Heart is NOT a shelter or rescue. All the animals listed on this site are owned by the individual rescuers and NOT 4 Paws 1 Heart.

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1. Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)?
2. Have you ever owned a pet? Yes
3. Are you currently employed? Yes
4. What is your occupation?
5. I currently live in a House
Mobile Home
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6. Do you Own
7. Does your Association or Landlord allow pets ? Yes
8a. How many Adults live in your household?
8b.How many Children live in your household?
8c. If children live in household, what are their ages?
9. Reason you plan on adopting? Family Companion
Companion for pet
10. Does anyone inyour household have allergies? Yes
10a. If allergies, please explain
11. Are you concerned about shedding? Yes
12. Are you aware that vet care is at least $100 - $200 per year, without serious illness ? Yes
13. Are you willling to provide the animal(s) with routine/emergency veterinary? Yes
14. Name of current/past Veterinarian? (Name, Location, & Phone #) (Vet info WILL be verified)
15. How many pets have you owned in the past 10 years?
15a. What happened to the animals no longer in your home?
16. Please provide the following information of the animals currently/previously living in your home.

Name, Type of Pet, Age, Sterilized, Declawed, Current on Vaccines, Heartworm Preventative, Reside Inside/Outside,
Pet 1 Information
Pet 2 Information
Pet 3 Information
Pet 4 Information
17. Have your animals ever been exposed to other animals? Yes
18. Are any of your pets being treated for medical conditions? Yes
18a. If so please verify medical conditions & treatments.
19. Where will this animal be living? Inside
20. Approximately how many hours will this animal be left alone?
21. Where will the animal be kept during the day if you are not home?
22. Where will the animal be kept during the night?
23. Will the animal be allowed on furniture or beds? Yes
24. Do you consider your animal to be a member of the family? Yes
25. Have you ever given an animal to a shelter? Yes
26. Have you ever given an animal away? Yes
27. Do you have a fenced in yard? Yes
27a. If so what type? Chain linked
28. Cat Applicants: Do you have plants in your home? Yes
28a. If so what type?
29. Cat Applicants: Under what circumstances would you give up or re-home your cat?
30. Cat Applicants: How will you handle the cat if it scratches your furniture?
31. Do you have leather furniture? Yes
32. Cat Applicants: How do you feel about allowing cats go outside?
33. Cat Applicants: How do you feel about de-clawing an animal?
34. Cat Some cats require several weeks to acclimate to their new home, family, and other pets. are you willing to allow for this adjustment period? Yes
35. Would you allow to someone from the group coming / calling your home to check in on this animal ? Yes
36. Personal References: (Name, Relationship, Phone # ) Please State 3.
NameRelationshipPhone Number
I understand the completion of this evaluation does NOT guarantee the adoption of this pet. Furthermore, falsification of any information will result in immediate denial of this application. Incomplete evaluation will not be processed. Yes