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K-9 Rescue

c/o Shamrock Animal Hospital
14390 S Robert Trail
Rosemount, MN 55068

Phone: 651-423-3565

email: info@shamrockvet.com
Home Page: www.k-9rescue.org


The information replaces and superceeds other contact information used during our long history of doing rescue and re-homing. We have tried to minimize administrative costs as much as possible so we can focus as much of our funds as possible on animal care.

E-mail addresses 2003 and before included: k9rescuemn@dogmail.com, k9rescuemn@dog.com, k-9rescue@dog.com, and k9rescue@doglover.com (free e-mail service changes and leadership change). Phone numbers 2003 and before included 952-985-3423 and 612-985-3423 (Twin cities area code split and leadership change). Mail addresses 2003 and before included P.O Box 502, Lakeville, MN 55044.

We are proud to have helped several individuals when they started other rescue organizations in the past (including sharing adoption days with the following prior to 2002: Sanctuary Plus Rescue, Underdog Rescue, and A Safe Place). Note, however, that the contact information, leadership, foster policies, adoption policies and sponsored pets for these organizations are separate ... and are available separately in petfinder.com.

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