What is K-9 Rescue?
K-9 Rescue is an all volunteer, nonprofit rescue and placement organization. We rescue adoptable dogs & cats from animal control facilities around the Twin Cities. Without our help and your help, these pets would be euthanized at these facilities, or in some cases, used for research purposes.

 By adopting a pet from K-9 Rescue, you are giving them another opportunity to live and enjoy life in a loving home. We groom, wash, and flea dip (as a precaution) the pets. All pets receive a vet exam & are spayed or neutered. Dogs are tested for heartworm; cats are tested for feline leukemia. Dogs receive vaccinations to help prevent distemper, paravovirus, parainfluenza, coronavirus, bordatella, and rabies and they are provided with microchip identification. 

Cats receive vaccinations to help prevent distemper, rabies, and upper respiratory illness. All pets are tested for internal parasites and treated, if necessary. 

Then, a K-9 Rescue volunteer takes the pet home and cares for it until it is adopted.


How long has K-9 Rescue been in existence?
K-9 Rescue has been rescuing dogs since May 1994. In January 1995, we received our nonprofit, tax-exempt status - charitable donations are now tax-deductible.

 In July 1996, we began rescuing cats. Many of our volunteers have more than four years of experience rescuing & placing pets. In addition, they are pet owners and have attended obedience and agility training & have participated in seminars & read books on various aspects of animal behavior. 

Together, we have successfully rescued & placed over 1000 dogs and cats.


How is K-9 Rescue different from a Humane Society?
K-9 Rescue is not supported by government grants and does not have paid employees; we rely solely on adoption fees, donations, and volunteer efforts to cover vet expenses to rescue, foster, and place loving pets.

We do not have a shelter facility. K-9 Rescue does not euthanize adoptable animals which we have rescued or which are returned; we keep them in foster care until they are adopted.

Since most of our pets live in our homes as members of our families, we can tell you what we learned about their temperament, habits, likes/dislikes, housebreaking habits, and preference for other pets.


How is K-9 Rescue similar to a Humane Society? 
We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that is committed to finding good homes for adoptable animals. We are strong believers in responsible pet ownership & in spay/neuter programs to curb the pet overpopulation problem.


What Vet work is done on the pets?
All pets over 4 months old are spayed or neutered before they are adopted. In addition, all pets under 4 months old are adopted out with a certificate for a free spay or neuter at one of the vets we contract with. The pets all been given vaccinations to help prevent distemper,  paravovirus,  parainfluenza,  coronavirus,  bordatella, and rabies and a general exam by a veterinarian. Also all people adopting pets under 4 months old are required by contract to have these services performed by the time the pet is 6 months old.

While our adoption prices are similar to that of a Humane Society, K-9 Rescue has a veterinarian perform the previously mentioned vet work before the dog is available for adoption and our adoption fees cover the costs incurred. If you compare the price of a pet from another source plus the retail cost of the vet work listed above with the adoption fee from K-9 Rescue, you will discover that you are saving LOTS of money when you adopt a pet from K-9 Rescue!


How do I adopt a dog or cat from K-9 Rescue?
You talk, we listen. Based on your life-style we try to find a match with our available pets. If the adoption seems to be a good match, then you fill out an adoption form & pay the adoption fee.

When you adopt a pet from K-9 Rescue, you receive the dogís health record, rabies tag & certificate, a list of animal control/impound facilities, and an animal resource guide. You may also receive tips on housebreaking, & a K-9 Rescue ID tag &/or a Home Again Microchip ID - vital tools which can help save your petís life.

K-9 Rescue has a three-day return, refund policy. Within three days of the adoption day, if for any reason you decide that the pet is not working out, call K-9 Rescue and return the pet to our care and we will refund the adoption fee. If, after that time, you can not keep the pet, please call us and we will see if we have room available in foster care to take the pet back (without refund). If we do not have room, we will suggest proven techniques for placing your pet. Please do not put your pet in an animal control facility, animal shelter, or humane society - many pets there are euthanized. Be a responsible pet owner and find a good home for the pet.


How do I find out what dogs and cats are available? 
Check the website or call us for the list of pets available for adoption. . Check the website or call us for information on availability of appointments with a foster dog or the date and time of our next adoption day.

Also, we sometimes parter with the PetSmart in Burnsville or Southside Farm Store in South Minneapolis to have cats available for visiting at their facility. We appreciate these store's support of our efforts to save lives.


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