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We are a small private rescue in Minnesota and Wisconsin devoted to helping Persians and Himalayans in need of re-homing.

We operate solely on the financial and physical support of our direct volunteers.

Where We Are

Minnkota Persian Rescue is run entirely by volunteer foster homes. We have foster homes in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We do not have a physical shelter location.

Foster homes are desperately needed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Call or email today if you can help save a life!

How To Adopt

Click the application link if you are interested in adopting an animal on our list or email us if you would like to be placed on our waiting list for adoption.

Minnkota Persian Rescue

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Foster Home Application

Foster Home Policy

Adoption Contract

Adoption Contract - Owner Foster

Spay/Neuter Agreement

Minnkota Persian Rescue

Foster Home Application

If you are interested in fostering for Minnkota Persian Rescue, send an email to minnkotapersian@gmail.com with the following information:




Email address:

Time at current address:

How long do you plan to live at your current address:

Do you: Rent__________ or Own___________

If you rent do you have your landlord’s permission to have a cat:

If you rent name, address and phone number of landlord:

Number of adults in your household and relationship to you:

Number of children in your household and ages:

How do they interact with animals?

Are all the members of your household in agreement with fostering?

Number of pets in your household - type, age and breed of each:

Are all of your pets spayed or neutered?

If no why not?

Number of previous pets not currently in your household:

Reason pet(s) no longer lives with you:

Have you ever had to give up a pet and if so why?

How do your pets react around cats?

Why do you want to foster a cat?

Please describe what kinds of cat would be best fostered in your home, personality, age, sex, color, etc..

Are you interested in Foster To Adopt, or standard Foster, or both?

Would you be willing to foster a senior cat or cat with special needs?

Would you be willing to administer medications or provide rehabilitation of a Persian (an example would be providing a calm secure home to have time to regain confidence in the world again)?

How familiar are you with Persian grooming and care?

Any area of cat care/health/behavoir/etc that you have experience or are well read in?

What brand and type of cat food do you feed or will you feed?

Do you plan to keep the cat inside only?

Please provide the name & phone number of a veterinarian who can provide reference for your current/past pets:

Please provide the name & phone number of one other person (non-relatives) who is familiar with your care of animals:

Please give us any other information you would like us to know:

Are there any specific questions you have at this time? :

Foster Home Policy

All foster homes are volunteer, non paid, and can be terminated by either party at any time. All animals in foster care belong to Minnkota Persian Rescue until/unless an official permanent home/sanctuary/alternate foster home is officially found, completed and approved by Minnkota Persian Rescue and shall be in writing in the form of applications/contracts.

All Minnkota Persian Rescue volunteers are responsible for the care of the animals they foster. These responsibilites include, but are not limited to: providing clean food, clean water, clean litterbox, grooming, nail clipping, bathing, anti-flea remedies, wiping eyes daily, administering any needed medications and any other specified items as needed per cat.

Minnkota Persian Rescue is responsible for vet care. Vet care must be approved by Minnkota Persian rescue before vet care is given. The only exceptions to this are as follows:

1. foster volunteer is paying for the vet care out of their own money and isn’t going to request reimbursement.

2. Extreme vet emergency

Foster volunteer will go to Minnkota Persian Rescues approved vet care clinics unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. When possible, Minnkota Persian Rescue will try to work with foster volunteers current vet to work out a rescue discount so the volunteer can go to the vet of their choice.

Minnkota Persian Rescue volunteers agree to not sell, abandon, give away, or transfer any animal without written permission from Minnkota Persian Rescue. Foster volunteers have the option of permanently adopting the foster animal at any time. If they choose to adopt the animal, they are responsible for the lesser of: the adoption fee, or the current dollar amount Minnkota Persian Rescue has put towards the animal thus far.

Minnkota Persian Rescue Adoption Contract


Cat’s Name:

Cat’s Description:

Cat came into rescue as:

Veterinary care received in rescue:

Suggested care:

Adopting owners name:




We will provide appropriate care, shelter, food, and veterinary care for the life of the cat. If we fail to do so we understand that Persian Rescue may reclaim the cat. If for any reason we can no longer keep the cat we will contact Persian Rescue. The ownership of this cat cannot be transferred to any other person(s) without the notification and consent of Persian Rescue.

We agree to keep this cat in compliance with all local ordinances. We agree to never declaw the cat. If any abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of this animal occurs Persian Rescue has the right to assume immediate ownership of the cat. We will permit Persian Rescue to perform a home visit, upon request, to check on the condition of the cat.

This adoption releases Persian Rescue of any further liability related to this cat. We understand that Persian Rescue believes this cat to be healthy, unless otherwise noted above, but due to limited funding cannot perform full veterinary exams. Persian rescue recommends a full veterinary exam for this animal upon adoption and cannot guarantee the health of this Persian in the future.

Knowing that Persian Rescue is run entirely by volunteers we will give an adoption donation of $150, This adoption fee will help offset the expenses incurred in rescuing and caring for this cat and future cats in need of rescue.

Signature Adopting Owner:


Signature MPR Representative::


Please contact Persian Rescue with any questions or concerns. We want to help make the kitty’s transition into his new home as smooth as possible. Contact us via minnkotapersian@gmail.com, 920-636-6917 (Minnesota/Wisconsin) or the MPR representative. Contact info is:

Spay/Neuter Contract

We are adopting the cat named _____________________ and agree to take him/her to a licensed veterinarian for required exam, vaccinations, spay/neuter and any other needed care. We promise to have a licensed veterinarian spay/neuter this cat within 30 days of adopting the cat from Minnkota Persian Rescue. We agree to provide Minnkota Persian Rescue written proof of the spay neuter within 2 weeks of the procedure. If we fail to comply, we realize that Minnkota Persian Rescue has the right to take back from us.

If a licensed veterinarian decides that spay/neuter cannot be completed in the agreed upon time period, because of the cats health or age, we will provide Minnkota Persian Rescue a letter from the vet stating such.



Print name:

phone number


Minnkota Persian Rescue Liability Waiver (for Adoption from Owner)

I understand that the cat I am adopting named ________________ is not a Minnkota Persian Rescue cat.

I understand that Minnkota Persian Rescue has simply assisted the previous owner in finding a new home.

I also understand that Minnkota Persian Rescue has not verified information provided by previous owner and therefore they make no guarantee that information provided by previous owner is true. (MPR highly recommends you take the cat to a licensed veterinarian immediately upon adoption for exam and any other needed care.)

I also understand that Minnkota Persian Rescue recommends keeping the cat away from children and other animals until the cats behavior is known to me.

I release Minnkota Persian Rescue from all liability.


Signed by:

Print name:

Signature of witness:

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