Who We Are

What We Do

We are a small private rescue in Minnesota and Wisconsin devoted to helping Persians and Himalayans in need of re-homing.

We operate solely on the financial and physical support of our direct volunteers.

Where We Are

Minnkota Persian Rescue is run entirely by volunteer foster homes. We have foster homes in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We do not have a physical shelter location.

Foster homes are desperately needed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Call or email today if you can help save a life!

How To Adopt

Click the application link if you are interested in adopting an animal on our list or email us if you would like to be placed on our waiting list for adoption.

Minnkota Persian Rescue

Adoption Application


Send an email to minnkotapersian@gmail.com if you would like more information, to arrange a visit, or are interested in adopting one of our cats.

The following information will be needed to adopt your cat, providing it earlier in the process will help us as well as you find the right Persian for your home.:




Email address:

Time at current address:

How long do you plan to live at your current address:

Do you: Rent__________ or Own___________

If you rent do you have your landlord’s permission to have a cat:

If you rent name, address and phone number of landlord:

Number of adults in your household and relationship to you:

Number of children in your household and ages:

How do they interact with animals?

Are all the members of your household in agreement with this adoption?

Number of pets in your household - type, age and breed of each:

Are all of your pets spayed or neutered?

If no why not?

Number of previous pets not currently in your household:

Reason pet(s) no longer lives with you:

Have you ever had to give up a pet and if so why?

Why do you want to adopt a cat?

Please describe what kind of cat you are looking for, personality, age, sex, color, etc..

Would you be willing to adopt an senior cat or cat with special needs?

If you are interested in a particular cat, which one?

How much time do you think you will need to devote to grooming?

Do you plan to have the cat declawed?

What brand and type of cat food do you feed or will you feed?

Do you plan to keep the cat inside, outside, or both?

What if treatment is expensive?

Are you willing to pay the adoption fee to adopt a rescued cat?

Please provide the name & phone number of a veterinarian who can provide reference for your current/past pets:

Please provide the name & phone number of one other person (non-relatives) who is familiar with your care of animals:

Please give us any other information you would like us to know, that may help us in finding the best cat for you:

Are there any specific questions you have at this time? :

-- Please understand that we reserve the right to deny an application for any reason if we feel it is an inappropriate home for a particular cat. We work very hard to make a harmonious match between families and our cats.---

Have trouble sending the above in an email?

Questions about the application information?

Please contact us directly:

Email (Minnesota/Wisconsin): minnkotapersian@gmail.com

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