Who We Are

What We Do

We are a small private rescue in Minnesota and Wisconsin devoted to helping Persians and Himalayans in need of re-homing.

We operate solely on the financial and physical support of our direct volunteers.

Where We Are

Minnkota Persian Rescue is run entirely by volunteer foster homes. We have foster homes in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We do not have a physical shelter location.

Foster homes are desperately needed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Call or email today if you can help save a life!

How To Adopt

Click the application link if you are interested in adopting an animal on our list or email us if you would like to be placed on our waiting list for adoption.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I want to adopt one of the cats listed on your site. What's my next step?

    Click on the Application link above.
    Send us an email with your adoption information and we will contact you to answer questions and discuss the next step.

    I am ready to adopt a Persian, what is your adoption policy and what cats are available?

    All adopters must complete an adoption application. A vet reference and a personal reference is required. If you currently have pets, all must be spayed/neutered as verified with your veterinarian. After your adoption application & reference check is completed a rescue volunteer can help you find a rescued Persian who will fit into your family and lifestyle. Our adoption fee for most cats is $100 which covers all medical care, vaccinations and grooming received while in rescue.

    In addition to our adoption page, please contact minnkotapersian@gmail.com for details on cats currently available. This is always changing as cats are placed in homes and new cats come into the program. If we don't currently have just the right Persian for you, we can place you on our waiting list and you will be notified when a cat comes in that meets your needs. You can also access information and pictures of available cats on www.petfinder.com as well as this website.

    Are there other ways I can help besides adopting a cat?

    Yes!! Foster homes, transport volunteers and donations are always welcome.
    We are also looking for someone able to help us get and keep 501c3 nonprofit status. Email (Minnesota/Wisconsin): minnkotapersian@gmail.com

    I'm interested in fostering for Minnkota Persian Rescue. What's my next step?

    Go to our Foster Home information page. Fill out a foster application and email it to us. Also read through our Foster Home Policy. We are happy to answer any questions and would only have you foster a cat that would fit in your household.

    We have a Persian in our animal shelter/pound/vet clinic that needs to be placed, can you help?

    Yes, we can help list your Persian for adoption or refer people from our adoption waiting lists. If the cat is in immediate risk of euthanasia we may be able to arrange for foster care in our rescue program.

    Allergies have developed for our Persian and we need to find a new home for him/her.

    There is a relatively new product on the market that is inexpensive and easy to use to greatly reduce and even eliminate cat allergies. It's a wash that you wipe on your pet once a week. Some people find that after a few applications, the allergies have abated. Others will use it on an ongoing weekly basis. It's fast and MUCH less involved than a giving a bath. There are several products on the market for this. Two of them are listed below:

    Petco's Allergy Relief from Cats

    ADMS anti-allergen spray

    If you've used either, or another product with great results, we'd love to hear from you to help improve our information.

    My cat is having litterbox issues, can I surrender it?

    Not surprisingly, a cat with litterbox issues isn't easily adopted. Here is a link to our page with multiple resourcces and troubleshooting tips.

    Litterbox Issues

    I can't keep my Persian anymore and need to find it a good home?

    We can list your Persian on lists & web sites that are frequented by people looking to adopt a Persian. We often have a waiting list of potential adopters with whom your cat could be placed. We urge you to be responsible & keep your Persian in your home while we help find a new home for your cat. In extreme situations we may accept owner surrenders immediately. In these cases we ask for a surrender donation to cover the cost of the cat's care, proof of current vaccinations & Feluk negative.

    I don't have a Persian or Himalayan but another breed of purebred cat that is in need, can you help me?

    We can help refer you to the nearest appropriate breed rescue.

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