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The U of M has offered to donate to the cost of Cupid's surgery

The University of Minnesota's Veterinary Medical Center is covering the majority of the costs associated with Cupid's surgery and treatment. Through the U's Shelter and Rescue Animal Fund, surgeries such as this are available to eligible shelters and rescues. Generous donors have created this fund to help Minnesota animals in need and donations are always accepted to this fund at www.giving.umn.edu/giveto/cupid Additional costs for Cupid's care will be covered by donations to Ruff Start Rescue.


The Ruff Start "Hot Dogs & Cool Cats" 2014 Calendar

The Ruff Start "Hot Dogs & Cool Cats" 2014 calendar is now ready to order. The calendar is made up of user submitted animal photos. The top 36 made it in (3 per month). Purchasing this calendar is a fun way to give to the rescue and makes a great gift for family and friends.
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