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Fostering a Cat/Kitten
  • Fill out and submit a Foster Application
  • Application is processed and, if the cat is still needing a foster home, a meeting is setup
  • Meet with the cat of interest to see if it's a good foster match
  • Complete an foster contract
  • Foster will be responsible for providing care, cleaning, and dispensing any needed medicine
  • Rescue will provide dishes, food, litter, litterbox, litter scoop, carrier, toys and any required medicines until the cat/kitten is adopted (this could be anywhere from a week to a few months)
  • Foster will be expected to provide regular updates on how the foster cat is doing
  • If the cat/kitten requires any medical care, foster will work with rescue to ensure that the cat/kitten makes it to their appointments
When the cat/kitten has an interested adopter, they will be picked up from foster home and brought to the home of a representative. If adoption works out, the foster cat will not return to the foster home and all supplies will be returned to Saved By A Whisker Rescue. Otherwise, the foster cat will return to the foster home until another interested adopter is identified.