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                              Valentine's Day 1 

* Happy Valentine's Day! *

We hope you are one of the lucky ones...
to be loved by a furry family member!

Simba 2 (in vet cage)Simba 1 (on bed w. toys)Simba 3 (sleepy, in blanket)


*NEW YEAR'S DAY UPDATE*  Tiny 8 week old Simba - who was confiscated by police from a drug house at just 5 weeks old - has now been out of the emergency vet for 2.5 weeks after being treated for rat poison fed to him at the drug house.   

We're still optimistic that he's on the mend.  He's growing and eating well, and we continue to monitor him hourly and daily. 

BUT he won't be out of the woods until a full 30 days has passed and we're able to do further blood tests to determine if there's any residual poison in his system, and be sure it hasn't affected his joints or organs.  He still shows some occasional signs of pain in his joints, which is normal as the effects of the rat poison heal.

He's getting the BEST of care from his loving foster mom, who's continuing the treatment protocol with great care and lots of love. 

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO CONTRIBUTED TO SIMBA'S TREATMENT COSTS!  He is literally alive today because of you.  You gave him the greatest gift of all.  In his few short weeks of life, he previously knew only neglect and horror -- but now he knows humans can be loving and kind.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Simba's Story:  Several days after we got Simba he began screaming in pain for no apparent reason, and we rushed him to Blue Pearl emergency vet.  No cause could be found and he was sent home with some medications.  Twelve hours later he started bleeding from the mouth and was still in constant pain, and we again rushed him to Blue Pearl.  Extensive blood tests showed his blood was not clotting and was actually  leaking into his joints.  It could have been several problems including leukemia, blood clotting disorder, or rat poison.  Given his background, rat poison seemed a likely culprit and he started treatment for that.  He got several blood and plasma transfusions and was started immediately on medications.  Thank heavens he responded immediately and was released 24 hours later to recuperate.  He's on a regimen of careful exercise, rest periods, joint massage, Vitamin K, and more.  If he's clear of symptoms by January 14, we'll do final bloodwork (and possibly x-rays) to determine if the poison is fully out of his system and/or if there's any residual effect on his joints or organs.  His vet bill currently stands at $2,000 and there will be some further expense.

Simba 4 (full body asleep in bed)Simba 5 (face shot, blue eyes)


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"I always thought someone should do something ...  
then I realized I am that someone." 

― Anonymous


MoGS is the home of
the GSD thrown from a 4-story bridge.
Click here to read her incredible story

4 major surgeries and months of rehab ...
massive fundraising ...
huge outpouring of love and support from around the world ...

lindy1Lindey - Go, L, GoLINDEY - AP - everyoneLindey - face closeup

Lindey was thrown from a bridge in downtown Kansas City, survived, and had 4 major surgeries on her mouth and legs.   Read More .... 



Male |  approx. 2 1/2 yearsAstro

Astro is an amazing GSD who's just learning how to love life!  He's SO happy to be safe, have a full tummy, and be loved.  He's a gentle and submissive boy, but also LOVES to play with other dogs.  He's been great with his foster family, including the kids!  He's  ready for his forever home! Could it be with you?  Learn more about Amazing Astro

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Male |  approx. 2 yearsLink

DILLON is a sweet, energetic, silly, shy pup-ster! He's what's called a soft-eared German Shepherd and is likely a high mix. He's a gorgeous bi-color boy with one heck of a sweet personality to match.  He was seriously abused by kids as a puppy and cannot live with kids.  He's great with other dogs and would LOVE a doggie buddy!  Learn more about lovebug Dillon

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Female |  approx. 7 Years

SHATZIE is an absolutely gorgeous coated German Shepherd who ADORES people and is on a mission to see the world!  She's a charmer who will win your heart, is loving, and strong, and sure to love you forever.
Learn more about sweet Shatzie

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Female |  approx. 5 yearsMocha 1 - closeup

MIAis a beautiful, elegant, and sweet German Shepherd!  She loves to play, but has a moderate energy level, so is quite content to curl up with you after a bit of activity!  She's a perfect age - past puppy craziness but still has lots of life left!  Learn more about beautiful Mia

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Sure a good amount of our time is
devoted to rescuing and rehoming
these fantastic dogs.  But it doesn't
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