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Our vet bills are very high ...
Lily ($3,200) ... Cera ($900) ...
Pippa ($5,100) ... Alex ($5,200)



dog-speak for "You're the best!!"


OPEN HOUSE 1 (Amanda, Sally - shirts)    MOGS 2.0:  WE'RE GROWING AND CHANGING!  MOGS 2nd stage of life has officially begun.   Much is happening as we move into an exciting future of saving even more dogs!  President Nancy C will step down and pass the torch in February 2018 (MOGS 10th birthday).  We're merrily and madly working in anticipation of this change.  WANT TO JOIN THE FUN?  WORK WITH AMAZING PEOPLE AND WONDERFUL DOGS WHO NEED YOU?  Consider volunteering or fostering!!   





female   |  1.5 yearsPippa - head shot

PIPPA is a stunning blue GSD - an uncommon and gorgeous color.  She was given up to a  shelter at just 8 weeks old, saying she "escaped."  The truth was that Pippa had an "ectopic ureter" - a 'plumbing' problem that meant she constantly dribbled urine. She  needed help fast and MOGS stepped up.  She had major plumbing surgery at 6 months old and is now ready, ready, READY for her forever family.       CLICK HERE to learn more about beautiful PIPPA!


Male |  8 yrsAlex the Great 1 (std'g side shot, mogs vest)

ALEX is truly "great"!!!  This boy endured a lifetime of neglect:  left outdoors 24/7 and left behind when the family moved (with a puppy who was found dead in a neighbor's yard)  A family member came back every week or two to leave some food, but Alex's emaciated state showed the food was clearly eaten by other creatures.  How Alex survived is a mystery.  When we picked him up he had 4 major medical conditions -- including a sky high temperature from an infection in his amputated leg, which would have killed him in a few more days.  He required immediate emergency surgery to save his life.  ALEX IS AMAZING!   He's gorgeous, loving, beautiful, loyal, adores his people, and is a walking miracle. Are YOU the V.E.R.Y. special family to give Alex the best years of his life?  CLICK HERE to learn more about Alex the Great!

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