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Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (MOGS) is a 501c3 non-profit, breed-specific animal rescue organization that operates out of the Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska area.

Originally founded in 2008, MOGS has succeeded in saving the lives of over 1,500 German Shepherds and German Shepherd Mixes (as well as the occasional non-GSD sidekick), and has accomplished it all with a wide-spread network of dedicated and hard-working volunteers and donors. Unlike shelters, MOGS utilizes a network of foster homes, spread throughout the Greater Kansas City Metro area, and extending as far out as St. Louis, Western Kansas, and Omaha, Nebraska.  

Our Mission? To rescue, rehabilitate, and find safe forever homes for every dog we take in.

Some MOGS Facts:

  • We are routinely asked to help over 500 dogs a year, or 15+ every week


  • MOGS is one of the few rescues who take dogs with serious behavioral problems and spend the time to rehab them.  All rescues take nice dogs, some take medical cases, a few take tough behavioral cases, a rare few take bite cases.  We do it all.


  • We have an outstanding track record.  Shy, frightened, insecure dogs find hope and rehab with us.  We even take some bite cases, after investigating to determine the facts of the case, and whether the dog is truly aggressive or was mishandled


  • We commit to our dogs for LIFE - in fact, we require adopters to return the dog to us if they can't keep him/her for ANY reason.


Some of our most complicated rescues in the last few years have included:


Ceasar - December 2016

Ceasar is a 7 yr old German Shepherd who was dropped at a city shelter by his owner, who claimed he was a "stray."  Caesar had been a chained outdoor dog and was comatose, almost totally frozen from subzero temperatures, starved nearly to death, had a badly injured back leg, an extremely painful back end, mild hip dysplasia, virtually no teeth, a sunken eye, almost no fur, heartworm disease and cancer.  

Nine months, and thousands of dollars later, Caesar has finished with the chemo treatments that he needed to help beat back the cancer, and is happily enjoying life as a permanent foster placement with MOGS.

Max - December 2016

is a gorgeous 1-year old German Shepherd stray, we met after he had been tragically hit by a car, and lost one of his front legs from the impact.

His right front leg, and part of his shoulder joint, was literally sheared off, leaving a gaping wound that required a three hour surgery to repair.

Following an extensive recovery period, that involved hundreds of volunteer hours, and several thousand dollars, Max is now happy, healthy, and living it up in his forever home.








Buddy - Summer 2017

Buddy is a 9-year old senior dog, who was owner – surrendered to a shelter because the owner didn’t want to deal with his medical issues.

Once in MOGS' care, our amazing vets at Kennedy Animal Clinic immediately began treatment for severe dysplasia in both of his back hips, severe arthritis in his left knee, injured paws due to lack of appropriate nail care, and epilepsy with active, untreated seizures. He had several broken and missing teeth, due to chewing on his heavy chain.

Buddy had also been starved, and was significantly underweight.

In most cases, this is a death-sentence, but MOGS stepped in and Buddy is thriving in a medical foster home.

















Xena - Fall 2017


Xena is an extreme cruelty case that transferred to MOGS after spending two weeks under intensive care at a local shelter.

At the time of Intake, Xena weighed only 35 lbs, out of an expected 70+, and had a severe head tilt from long-term malnutrition, as well as being contained on a heavy chain that caused embedded collar injuries. She was also suffering from severe spondylosis (degenerative spinal condition), hip dysplasia on both back hips, arthritis in her back knee joints, broken and infected teeth (from chewing on a chain), severe fly strike damage, ear infections on both sides, and pneumonia. Even worse, significant neglect had also left her with Heartworm, Stage II (microfilia - baby worms - already present).

Now, Xena is on the road to recovery, and living the good life in one of our medical foster homes.




With every year that goes by, the number of cruelty and neglect cases continue to rise. In 2017, nearly half of the dogs taken in by MOGS were victims of this terrible trend.


We love partnering with the community as we strive daily to restore hope to german shepherds.There are many ways that you can help. We always need volunteers to help transport, process applications, and do home visits. Our greatest need is for foster families. Our ability to save a dog's life is most often determined by whether we have an open foster home for that dog to go in.

Cannot foster or volunteer? Donations are much appreciated!

Your donation is tax deductible. If you would like a receipt for your donation, please let us know.  All donations go directly to help pay for vet bills, food & heartworm preventative for the MOGS dogs. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and allow us to save more dogs.




 Thank you!!





There are hundreds of other animal's out there right now,

suffering in silence, with no one to help them.


Please be proactive - actively look for any animals that might need your help.








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