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   Cruelty Case: CAESAR
7 yr old GSD comatose, frozen, within minutes of death
Caesar 1 12.16 Caesar 2 12.16
Caesar is a 7 yr old German Shepherd who was dropped at a city shelter by his owner, who claimed he was a "stray."  Caesar had been a chained outdoor dog and was comatose, frozen from subzero temperatures, starved nearly to death, has a badly injured back leg, an extremely painful back end, mild hip dysplasia, virtually no teeth, a sunken eye, almost no fur, and heartworm disease.  click here for more

REMEMBER:  there are hundreds of other Caesar's out there right now, suffering in silence, with no one to help them.                                     Please be proactive - actively look for dogs and cats you can help. 



 Thank you!!

MOGS 2.0:  WE'RE GROWING AND CHANGING!  MOGS 2nd stage of life has officially begun.   Much is happening as we move into an exciting future of saving even more dogs!  President Nancy C will step down and pass the torch in February 2018 (MOGS 10th birthday).  We're merrily and madly working in anticipation of this change.  WANT TO JOIN THE FUN?  WORK WITH AMAZING PEOPLE AND WONDERFUL DOGS WHO NEED YOU?  Consider volunteering or fostering!!





Male   |  5 yearsChief
CHIEF is a gentle giant who's a lover!  He loves people and is a terrific companion.  He gets along well with other dogs, though he doesn't like them in his face.  He could easily be an only dog, or live with another dog who's a little more mellow / respectful and doesn't need to play a lot. Chief has  "soft ears", which just means they don't stand all the way up.  It gives him an adorable look that matches his adorable personality.  He's also a great age - past the puppy crazies, house trained, healthy.  He was a starving stray at a shelter and is not ready for his forever family!  CLICK HERE to learn more about CHIEF!


Female |  2.5 yrs Juno

JUNO is an absolutely stunning black GSD girl who's also super sweet!   She was one of six dogs we took in from a breeder, and at 6 months old the only exercsie she'd ever had was running up and down stairs.  She was unsocialized and thin.  We adopted her out to a farm family, but shortly afterwards she developed seizures and they didn't want her anymore.  So she's been back with us for over a year as we've worked to bring her seizures under control.  She's now been seizure-free for almost 4 months, and we expect the vet will start reducing her medications.  She's currently on two types of medication that cost about $100 a month.  If you're looking for a wonderful dog with a great temperament who's also a stunning beauty, and your heart is big enough to handle her seizure condtion (which we hope she can outgrow), CLICK HERE to learn more about Juno!

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