Who We Are

Save1Pet, Inc., formed in 2004, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and is a support organization to assist the local animal shelters with increasing adoptions and public awareness regarding the responsibilities of caring for domestic animals. In 2004, we rescued over 300 animals from the Olive Branch Animal Shelter, that's 70% of all the healthy animals that came through the shelter. Most were transported to the east coast after receiving all medical care here. In 2005, we rescued over 150 animals from shelters, surrendered by caregivers or strays found on the street.

It is, and will be, the mission of Save1Pet, Inc. to reduce pet overpopulation, encourage responsible caring of domestic animals and promote the humane treatment of animals.

Our strategic goals are to:
bullet Reduce the number of unwanted animals being born
bullet Increase the number of stray animals reunited with their caregiver
bullet Raise the visibility of homeless animals to increase pet adoptions
bullet Help people retain their pets by being a resource for animal information and education in the community
bullet Maintain a commitment to assist City and County Animal Services Divisions

To achieve these goals we will:
bullet Increase the number of quality adoptions through sponsoring offsite adoption events
bullet Maintain relationships with breed and general rescue groups to help place the orphaned animals
bullet Increase the number of volunteers
bullet Improve marketing of animal shelters by the use of Petfinder.com and local media
bullet Reduce the number of animals euthanized through promotion of spay and neuter programs
bullet Provide humane education to the community
bullet Enhance lost and found pet procedures
bullet Maximize our use of technology and communication mediums

Save1Pet does not have a shelter facility. We rely on foster homes to house rescued cats and dogs. Short term and longer term foster arrangements are available. Consider opening your heart and your home to give a homeless animal a safe haven until they can find their forever family.

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