Adopting a dog from Dogs Hope Rescue

Please note: Dogs Hope is in North Carolina near Charlotte - we do not ship dogs. If you are interested in one of these dogs, you may make an appointment for a visit.

First we would like for you to consider if you are really ready to add a new family member to your household. Adopting a new dog is pretty much like adding a new toddler to your home - lots of joy and entertainment, but a few spills and bumps as well. Although most of our rescue pointers and other dogs are young adults, and thus past the puppy stage - they will still need plenty of attention and time to adjust to your lifestyle.

Is this a family decision? We get many applications from enthusiastic folks who have not yet asked their husband, wife, partner, roommate, etc. about adopting a pet. After they ask, we don't hear from them again.Please make sure the entire household is ready for the dog before you fill out the application.

Have you thought about how you will exercise and contain your new dog? Most hunting dogs are pretty active and really need a secure place to run and play on a regular basis - this means at least twice a day, every day, seven days a week, even in really bad weather. This is why we prefer for dogs to go to homes with secure fences - it is very difficult to "wear out" a pointer with just leash walking.

What will you do when you go on vacation? Have you considered boarding and pet sitting costs? Are you ready for the expense of food, housing and annual or more frequent vet visits - please think about this and be really sure you are ready to take this on.

If you have thought all of this through, consulted all of the family and are truly ready to start the process:

Step One: Application Submission
You can submit an adoption application to us using our online adoption application. If this is a problem
e-mail Dogs Hope (adopt1 @ - remove spaces) and I can send you a form to print out and mail through the postal service.

Step Two: Application Review
You application is carefully reviewed to see if a pointer or other specific dog is best for you. Your vet and other references are checked, as is your general situation. If we feel your situation would make a good home for one of our dogs, we move on to the next step.

Step Three: Email/Phone Interview
This step allows us to hear why you want to adopt through our program in your own words. During this process we'll go over the first two steps, plus ask any additional questions we may have. Rescue personal will also use this time to let you know what dogs we have, who we think may be best for your situation, and other necessary information needed to adopt one of our charges.

Step Four: Home Visit
The next step is to see where your pet will live. Things such as the condition of your yard and house will be reviewed, as well as your home's location. A fenced yard here always helps, as well as room for the dog to move about. Remember that German Shorthaired Pointers and English Pointers are active and energetic breeds. We wish to make sure they're not confined or otherwise placed in an unsuitable situation.

Step Five: Visit With Dog
If all previous steps are meet favorably with rescue personal, the next step is meeting the dog or dogs you may be interested in adopting. This is typically done where the dog is being fostered, or other neutral location. This gives the potential adopter a chance to meet the dog and speak at length with rescue personal.

Step Six: Adoption
If all goes well, and both parties are happy, a pet under our care can go to his or her new forever home after the adopter signs our official adoption contract. An adoption donation will be required.Currently this is $250 for purebred dogs and $150 for mixed breed dogs. Dogs Hope does not accept checks - cash only.

Thank you for considering a rescue dog.