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Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue dog. Please be aware that Dogs Hope is in North Carolina and does not ship dogs.

Note: incomplete forms will not be considered, every question requires input - if a question does not apply to you - write NA or not applicable.

We are trying to match dogs with people in relationships which may last ten to fifteen years. We want this to work out permanently for both the dogs and the families who adopt them. Carefully answering the questions on this form will give us a better idea of how to make that match.

There is no guarantee that a dog will be available that matches your interests. Dogs-Hope retains the right to refuse any adoption.

Our adoption process is extensive. Your answers will be reviewed and your vet and/or groomer and personal references will be contacted. Once references are approved, you will be contacted by phone for an extensive interview. If that check is approved, you will be visited in your home by a Dogs Hope Rescue volunteer (or volunteer from another rescue that we have confidence in from your area). In addition, we retain the right to follow up visits at one week, one month, six months and annually.

We require and adoption donation that vary with each animal. Generally $150 (mixes) - $250 (purebred). We do not accept checks.

Rescue and rehabilitation efforts are funded solely through adoption fees and donations. We receive no public funds.

We do not euthanize. Once an animal has been accepted into Dogs Hope, it will be cared for throughout it's natural life and it is always welcome to return here. In fact, our contract will require that you return the animal to Dogs Hope if you can no longer care for him or her, no matter what the reason.

Application begins here

Which dog are you interested in?
Your Name:
Address: (Please, include nearest large city if you are from a small town)
Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Why are you interested in this dog, or type of dog? Please, explain.

Which Gender would you prefer?     Male       Female

Why the above gender choice?

Preference in age? And why?

Color Preference; type of ears, tail, etc.

Will dog be a Housepet?       Hunted?     
Competed (include type)?

Will you do obedience with your dog?
Other type of training? Please explain?

Have you ever owned this breed of dog before?     Yes       No

If yes, please tell us about the dog.

Do you currently own a dog?     Yes       No

If yes, please tell us about the dog (include gender and age)

If No, what happened to it?

If it passed on, how, and at what age?

Other breeds previously owned?

If no longer owned, what happened?

If still owned, what gender, age?

Other current pets, please include birds, gerbils, rabbits, cats, etc. Please be specific - some of our dogs are good with other pets and some are not.

How far would you travel for a dog?

Time limit in search for dog, if any?

Please give your age*

Do you have any children?*    Yes       No


Are you planning on having children in the future?    Yes       No

If yes, how may this affect the dog's future?

Is aquiring a dog a family (including roomates, future spouses, etc.) decision?

How would non-acceptance of the dog by a present or future family member
affect the dog's life? Please, explain.

Should your current family situation change, how would/could this affect
the dog?

Should you relocate, what would you do with the dog?

Do you currently       Own your home       Rent your home

If you rent, may we contact your landlord?    Yes       No

If you rent, please, give your Landlord's phone number.

Is someone home during day?    Yes       No

How much time would the dog be left alone daily?

If no one home on a regular basis, will someone take time off when the dog
first arrives?

If no one home on a regular basis, what arrangements will be made for dog?

Where will dog live and spend most of the day?

Where will dog sleep?

How and where will dog be exercised on a daily basis?

Do you have a yard?    Yes       No

Size of yard?

Fence?    Yes       No

Type? Please be specific


Are you willing to install actual fencing, or build a safe run to protect dog?
Yes       No

Do you have a crate? Yes       No

Willing to purchase one?   Yes       No

Willing to use one?   Yes       No

If No, please explain.

Current or prior veterinarian for reference (current address and phone#)

May we contact your veterinarian?   Yes       No
If No, please, explain.

Second reference:

Will you deal with health issues, if the dog needs special care?
Yes       No

If No, please explain.

What would you consider the limitations for medical care to be?

Do you intend to be a single or multiple dog family?

Is there any reason, that you could think of, why you may ever have to
part with your dog(s)? Please explain.

Would you (and your family if applicable) be available for a home visit with a rescue volunteer?

Please feel free to add any additional comments, that you think may help
us to assure that one of our dogs may be right for you.

How did you hear about us?

This form sends your information to Dogs Hope Rescue, foster and sanctuary for dobermans, German Shorthaired Pointers, English Pointers, mixed breeds. We will also be happy to refer the form on to other rescues.

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