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Why are these beautiful dogs in rescue?

Many German Shorthaired and English Pointers end up in rescue mostly because they are very active. They are bred to be hunting dogs who can work in the field all day long. They can be wonderful companions, but you have to work with them - most rescues have had little or no training - no dog can reach his or her potential without training.

Sometimes pointers are given up because they don't hunt well or have become gun shy. The fortunate few are adopted. Please think very carefully if you are considering adding a Pointer to your life. Do you have time to train a dog? Do you have a safe area for regular (daily) exercise?

On a positive note, these dogs can be extremely sweet, loving and "charming." They will work there way in to your heart.

A commitment to obedience training and regualar - every day - exercise is essential.

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Dani - English Pointer
Dani, English Pointer
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This playful little girl is
with Dogs Hope in North Carolina.

See more Dogs Hope dog pictures on my flickr pages. and on my petfinder pages.

Petfinder.org - dogs, cats, etc. in animal shelters, search by breed. For best results go to the Breed Index.

On this page you will find links to Shelter listings & Rescue Websites.

The rescue websites below list dogs for many areas in the United States, Canada and England.

Find a shelter

German Shorthaired Pointers - Rescue Websites by state

New: The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Atlanta has a fairly complete list of rescue contacts by state. There are a few links here that they do not have.


Canada: CANADA: Dogs available for adoption (through GSP Rescue of Michigan) part of the German Shorthair Pointer Club of Canada web site.

England: German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue in SouthWest England

  English Pointers
English Pointer Rescue:

Michigan - Pointers from OZ - lots of English Pointers available from this rescue, including puppies.

North & South Carolina: - Charlotte area: Dogs Hope Carolina Pointing Breeds Rescue and Referral. Dogs Hope - NC (Petfinder site). Adopts locally - no shipping.

National USA:
Pointer Rescue pointerrescue.org - national listing of available dogs (by state).

Please also check your local shelters if you are interested in an English Pointer. Petfinder is a good place to start, but not all shelters are listed there.

Illinois: Illinois Bird Dog Rescue - English Setters and American Field Pointers

Georgia: Field of Dreams Gundog Rescue (home page) and Petfinder Site

Missouri: On Point Rescue

Texas - German Shorthair Pointer Rescue, Pointer Rescue and English Pointers and Mixed Breeds too, Plano TX - Petfinder Website with listings of available dogs - quite a few of them.

English Pointers come in a variety of colors, black and white, lemon and white, orange and white, liver and white, and sometimes solid or - generally patches of color on white. In my experience they are generally a bit smaller than Shorthairs, although there are some small shorthairs as well.

English pointers are incredibly sweet and intelligent dogs - very active as are GSPs. There are a lot of them in pounds and shelters everywhere. People just don't realize what wonderful pets they make. Dogs Hope (North Carolina) now has 13 English Pointers available for adoption.

Adoption Application Form:
So you want to adopt a German Shorthaired Pointer.

In order to help match you with a dog near you, or find the right home for a dog, here is a link to my (Dogs Hope Rescue) adoption application form. Please note, if you are out of the area your application will be sent on to other rescues - please give complete information including nearest town or city, state, etc. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Please be aware, this is a prescreening adoption form. Each rescue group has its own criteria for placing dogs.

Georgie GSP
Georgie, I hope you are running in doggie heaven. Dogs like you do not deserve to end up on the floor of the euthansia room.

Much of my rescue work is inspired by this beautiful dog.
Georgie: a shelter GSP

Georgie came from Animal Control in Mecklenburg County N.C. He was minutes away from euthanasia when I got to the counter to adopt him (I had only gone for tags for my other dogs). He was in pitiful shape, heartworm positive, starved, parasite laden. With time and work he became one of the most beautiful, delightful dog persons I have ever known.

Georgie died four years go from complications of Rocky Mountain Spotted fever (tick fever). It is still hard for me to look at his beautiful image without weeping.

German Shorthaired Pointers are not for everyone. They end up in rescue mostly because they are very active. They were bred to be hunting dogs. They can be wonderful companions, but you have to work at it.

Like all large active dogs, they are very strong & enthusiastic. They may not be suitable in homes with small children. They require training, excellent fences, and lots of attention.   Some of my own dogs are still really active at age 13.

One of the characteristics of shorthairs is endurance.  When you bring a shorthair into your life you are not going to get a dog that lays around on the rug and looks like a beautiful statue.   Be sure this is what you want before you adopt one.

Most pointers and shorthairs require a yard with a secure, physical fence. Their short coat is no protection from the extremes of weather, so they also need to live inside or have excellent protection from both heat and cold. They are loving dogs who do best as members of the family. They require training to meet their optimal potential - they are not "instant" perfect pets, you have to work with them.

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