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Before you adopt one of our delightful animals, there are a few things we'd like you to know...

Health of our cats

All Catman-2 cats are examined by a veterinarian for feline leukemia, parasites, and other illnesses before being placed for adoption.  Necessary treatment is administered.  Cats are given age appropriate immunizations, then they are spayed or neutered.  If a cat is not old enough to be  altered, a spay/neuter voucher may be given to the new owner. 

Return policy

We offer a return policy, with refund, and we follow-up on all adoptions.  It is very important to us that our cats find good, loving homes with people who will take care of them. 

Owning a cat is not for everyone, but cats can provide excellent companionship and affection for people who are willing to open their heart to them.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees run from $80.00, which cover veterinarian costs only.  The cost may vary slightly from cat to cat because of the cat's age and procedures performed.  We must recover these costs to enable us to continue our work.  However, we do not charge for the cat or its basic care during  the time at the shelter.

Why adopt from Catman-2?

There are many reasons to adopt your perfect cat from Catman-2, but here's just a few:

  1. Adopting a cat from us makes room so we can rescue another cat.  Our space is limited, and there are many in need.
  2. Most cats have been with us long enough for us to know their personalities.  This helps us place each cat in the right home, because we can predict temperament and disposition.
  3. We always have a large number of cats so there are many to choose from.  If we don't have one you like, we'll network with other shelters and help you find the cat of your dreams.
  4. We can save you money.  Because of our large volume of business, our vets give us special rates.  These savings are passed on to you.
  5. Helping cats allows us to help people.  Those who adopt, find a friend.  We find homes for cats that must be given away... and keep them until a good home can be found.  We save taxpayers' money by rescuing shelter cats, saving the cost of care and euthanization, not to mention the cats' lives.
  6. Any way you look at it... an adoption from Catman-2 is a win-win situation!

Adoption tips from the Catman

"Working with cats for several years, I have learned that nothing can be said that will hold true for all cats.  As Kipling said, "The cat walks alone."   However, there are some things I have noticed that hold true for most cats.

"The most valuable possession of a cat is it's territory.  It knows all the places to hide, the best spot to watch from, the  sources of food, and the location of the litter box.  When the territory changes, the cat needs to adjust... to learn the new territory.  This will take time.

"Your cat lost territory when it came to me.  It worked to find a 'sort of' territory in the shelter.  Now it must start all over again.  From home to cage to new home... new people... other pets... etc.

"Your new cat may  hide upon entering your home.  It needs time to think of a plan.  Don't be too concerned.  Give it time... Food may not be very important.  New residents may not eat for several days.... maybe a week.  They will not starve to death, but they may make you think they will.  Keep trying... water-packed tuna may tempt them.  Or table scraps... share a little of your meal... pet them as they examine the fare.... later, if they eat something, mix it with cat food. 

"Feed name brands!  Don't scrimp on the price of food.... you get what you pay for.  Many store brands may be sawdust with fish flavor.  You don't need expensive vet food, but name brands mean a lot.  Ask for help... call me at (828) 293-0892 to learn what your kitty was eating in the past.

 "Cats turned into a shelter may suffer from a past action of what they perceive as abuse.  He remembers... a short woman with glasses chased him with a broom... or a tall dark man always tossed him out the door, kicked him... etc.  A small child may have pulled his ears or tail.  If you remind him of this abuse, he may fear you.  Only time may overcome such trauma.

"When you bring your kitty home, give him time.  Let him explore his new territory.  Give him time to examine new foods.  Give him love when he wants it.  Introduce other pets slowly.  Don't push... give it time... and in most cases kitty will soon adjust... then you will have a friend for life! 

"Good luck... and please feel free to call for help.  We want you and kitty  to have a happy and lasting relationship.  Remember our return policy.  We don't like to exercise this option, but a happy relationship for cat and adopter is our goal... Let's talk about it..."

                                                                     Harold "Catman" Sims

Ready to adopt?

If you've already searched on our web site and found a cat you're interested in, or if you'd like to come by the shelter to see what cats are available, please call Dr. Harold Sims at (828) 293-0892 or email him at  The Catman will be happy to match you with the perfect cat, and to answer any other adoption questions you may  have.  Catman2 Inc. reserves the right of refusal on any adoption.

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