A Message from the Catman

A New Rescue Shelter Adoption Center and Sanctuary Now Open.

 For the past six years, I have operated a cats only no-kill shelter and sanctuary in my own back yard.  Working out of two converted buildings, a 12 by 24 shed, a 16 by 30 ft room formally used to house a collection of music boxes, and a new 12 by 12 ft building with covered, fenced decks all around.  I sometimes use a back porch for overflow.  These buildings house up to sixty cats.  I have a corporation, Catman2 Inc., with a State license to operate an animal shelter, and have 501(c)(3) tax status.

 During the past six years, I have rescued over  1,200 cats.  These have come from county animal shelters, were found as strays or were given to me by former owners.  All who come are taken to a vet for a  physical examination and tested for feline leukemia.  If negative, each is given vaccinations and are, if of age, spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  I try to limit my operation to adult cats, but if I must place kittens, I include the spay or neuter in the cost of the adoption.

 Working as I have for the past six years has been successful, but now I want to build a real shelter where I can continue my work in a state-of-the-art facility.  To accomplish this, I have purchased an 11 acre farm and have started construction on a  4000 sq ft shelter.  The building will contain 3 cat play  rooms, each with a fenced and screened outside run, a reception room and office, an adoption room with a home-like setting, an isolation room, food preparation room, banks of cages for unsocial cats, and plenty or room for storage.  Future plans call for the construction of several out-buildings which will serve as a sanctuary for handicapped cats, hard to place cats, and perhaps a boarding kennel to earn income.  Because the main shelter building will be in my front yard, I will build this with personal funds, unless I find a very generous donor, and will lease it to Catman2 Inc.  The lease will be for a nominal sum, have a life of at least 10 years, and will be renewable. 

I am seeking funds to equip the shelter building.  This will include:  cages,  letterboxes, playground  equipment, etc.  I will also seek funding for out-buildings which will be portable and could be liquidated if Catman2 Inc. were to no longer exist.  I am also seeking funds for operating expenses and to start and endowment fund which will continue to supply funding after my death.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  (Click here for how you can help.)  Thank you!

The Catman

Dr. Harold Sims


                                         Future Plans

Future Plans include a fenced area for rescued feral Cats which we are attempting to socialize, a separate housing facility for handicap cats and cats with aids or feline leukemia. Boarding will be available for cats adopted from catman. The Complex will  be known as Feline Friends.  


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