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We want both you and your cat to be satisfied with each other, so take a few minutes to browse through our cat biographies.  All cats have visited a vet, and have tested negative for feline leukemia.  They have rabies shots, distemper shots and are spayed or neutered.  Each cat has their own special story and unique personality -- and each one is waiting to find his or her purrrfect person, so begin searching now!

At you click on a thumbnail photo to see a larger picture.  When you find a cat you'd like to take home with you, call the Catman at (828)  293-0892 or email him at to check availability.  There are also more cats available at the shelter.   To see all of our cats at ,click here

Our featured cats are looking for a home but are older residents who are sweet but somewhat shy.  They are beautiful cats that really need love because they have been passed by so many times. Please consider these cats and they will reward you with love and devotion.
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We would also love to have someone interested in socializing some of these guys who shy away and are never given a chance for a life outside the shelter. You could either take them home for a visit or work with them here.  Help them overcome their fears   They need to become more sure of themselves and of people.  Shelter life is not a good  life for any cat.


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